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Established in 1898, Brushware Magazine is a bimonthly trade publication edited for the manufacturers and suppliers of brushes, mops, rollers, brooms, pads, mitts, and products that apply material, and clean or polish surfaces. Emphasis is given to application techniques, new applicator materials, and methods of application.

Editorial focuses on news, product information, development and sales, and personality profiles and interviews. Four times a year, government import and export statistics are published and analyzed for relevancy.

Brushware attends all major conventions and trade shows, and reports pertinent and vital information to industry leaders and decision makers, issue after issue.

Since its inception over one hundred years ago, Brushware has been the "voice of the industry," serving and representing more than 2,000 subscribers and 3,000 targeted readers and advertisers in more than 80 countries, professionally, objectively, and consistently.

editorial staff


Norman J. Finegold


Karen Grinter


Bob Lawrence
Anne Richter
Nigel Hall
Mark E. Battersby

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