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Buyers in 80 countries use the BRUSHWARE® BUYER'S GUIDE & MANUFACTURER'S DIRECTORY. If you sell products or services to companies that manufacture brushes of any kindrollers, brooms, mops, pads, mitts, applicators, polishersor their suppliers . . . your company belongs in the BRUSHWARE® BUYER'S GUIDE & MANUFACTURER'S DIRECTORY.

Your advertising dollar goes further in the MANUFACTURER'S DIRECTORY:

· If you are a regular advertiser in Brushware Magazine, you will receive unlimited listings in both the magazine and the BRUSHWARE ONLINE DIRECTORY free of charge.

· Non-regular advertisers and subscribers can receive unlimited listings in the magazine directory for one full year for $500.00. You also receive unlimited listings in the BRUSHWARE ONLINE DIRECTORY for one full year.

· Online listings available only to participants in the magazine directory.

· Includes FREE Black & White 1/8 Page ad. See below for larger size ad rates which will include your free listings

· If you don't have camera-ready copy, send us your logo or business card and we'll produce your 1/8 page ad at no extra charge.

· Your ad will get results -- the BUYER'S GUIDE & MANUFACTURER'S DIRECTORY is used as a buyer's resource every day!

· Your product will look great -- you can get a 4-color ad for just a little more than black and white.

Submissions for the printed Buyer's Guide and Manufacturer's Index, part of our July/August issue, are open in May of each year. Only advertisers in the printed guide are accepted in our online directory. Email Brushware for more details.