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Edward Jackson: 1944-2024

In fond remembrance, we celebrate the life of Edward Jackson, the visionary founder of Edward Jackson (Engineer) Ltd, who passed away in March. The son of a model engineer, Edward had an innate creativity and imagination that led to several early inventions, including a ‘pilfer-proof’ picture mounting for hotels and a self-extinguishing litter bin, which even resulted in a brief television appearance.

It was his other lifelong interest, music, that led him into the brush industry. In 1968, while singing in a local choir, Edward crossed paths with the factory manager of the Briton Brush Company, who commissioned Edward to create a paint brush knot-picking machine. This was followed by a series of machines Edward developed for the firm, including the first prototype paint roller making machines.

In 1977 Edward married Rachel, and with her business skills together they founded Edward Jackson (Engineer) Ltd the following year.

Edward’s first paint roller machine – the GW1 winding machine – was demonstrated at the inaugural InterBrossa exhibition in Freiburg, Germany. The company have exhibited machinery at every show since, continuing the tradition with the World Brush Expo this year in Bologna.

Edward Jackson in 1980

From the 1980s until his retirement, Edward continued to innovate, securing patents for several groundbreaking machine designs, including the continuous winding process and cutting-edge finishing systems. The help of Rob Coleman, who served as the company’s global sales representative, enabled worldwide dissemination of Edward’s machines, leaving an indelible mark on the global market.

Inspired by his father’s love of engineering, Edward’s eldest son Tim joined the family business after graduating in 2001. In the following years, they worked together, with Tim absorbing Edward’s unique design style and approach to engineering quality. Tim continues to develop the company, staying true to Edward’s principles and commitment to innovation by incorporating the latest design and manufacturing techniques.

It is a testament to the originality and enduring value of his ideas that Edward Jackson (Engineer) Limited continues to thrive, crafting successful paint roller machinery derived from Edward’s pioneering designs.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Edward’s life was enriched by his passions for music and architecture. His dedication to choral singing and conducting remained a source of joy and solace throughout his life, while his family provided the bedrock of his inspiration and support.

In his later years, Edward faced the challenges of progressing dementia with resilience and grace. Though his passing may have been sudden, it was not entirely unexpected. His family are consoled that he was surrounded by friends and family for his 80th birthday just days earlier.

Donations in Edward’s memory can be made through in aid of Sing Your Heart Out and Dementia Adventure.

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