FEIBP 2024: Invitation to Ibiza

In just 11 months, the 64th FEIBP Congress is slated to unfold October 9-12, 2024 and promises a dynamic fusion of work, networking and leisure in the captivating setting of the vibrant Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Ibiza is an island pulsating with life, enriched with historical significance and brimming with myriad experiences. As the countdown commences, expect monthly doses of exclusive insights, fun facts, and concealed gems from the FEIBP about our host island.

Ready for Lift-off?

Take the plunge into paradise well before 2024:

  1. Register Link for the 2024 Congress
  2. Book Your Accommodation: Secure your stay at Hotel Torre del Mar by specifying “64th CONGRESS FEIBP” during registration.
    • Early bird discounts available for registrations within December.
  3. Plan Your Journey: Extend your stay and explore Ibiza’s charm with your family.

Let’s Engage

Contribute to the vibrant journey to FEIBP 2024:

  • Share your expectations for the congress.
  • Highlight topics you’re eager to explore.
  • Express the activities you anticipate in Ibiza.

Learn more about the 2024 FEIBP Congress www.eurobrush.com/congress-home.