FEIBP: Embrace Your Inner Hippie at Our Flower Power-Brush Night!

Ready to take a step back in time to the colorful, free-spirited 60s? Only 9 months left to this 2024 congress and this email is all about embracing the Hippie Culture that has left a vibrant mark on the beautiful island of Ibiza! Ibiza’s history is rich with stories of freedom, creativity, and peace-loving hippies who found refuge on this enchanting island in the 1960s. This movement significantly shaped the island’s culture, bringing an explosion of art, music, and a unique lifestyle that still thrives today.

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FEIBP 2024: Invitation to Ibiza

In just 11 months, the 64th FEIBP Congress is slated to unfold October 9-12, 2024 and promises a dynamic fusion of work, networking and leisure in the captivating setting of the vibrant Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Ibiza is an island pulsating with life, enriched with historical significance and brimming with myriad experiences. As the countdown commences, expect monthly doses of exclusive insights, fun facts, and concealed gems from the FEIBP about our host island.

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2023 Brushware November-December Combo Issue


Brushware’s 2023 November-December Machinery Showcase & Supplier/Manufacturer Spotlight issue weighs in as the biggest issue of the year and includes full coverage of the 63rd FEIBP Congress in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Readers will also enjoy an early look at Phillip M. Perry’s 2024 Economic Forecast. Up front, the issue includes columns from Lisa Anderson on evaluating and choosing an ERP platform along with 10 Must Do’s For Small to Medium Businesses from Global Shop Solutions’ Adam Grabowski. The digital version also includes our full Economic Dashboard with September PMI reports from key brush manufacturing countries.

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Alessandro Acquaderni Elected New FEIBP President

At the 63rd FEIBP congress, held two weeks ago in Belfast, Andrew McIlroy (Germany, Perlon) stepped down as FEIBP President after having served for three years. The newly elected president is Alessandro Acquaderni the CEO of SIT Brush in Italy. Acquaderni’s father Andrea also previously served as FEIBP president.

Acquaderni says he is honored to start serving as President and looks forward to working alongside industry leaders and experts to uphold the rich heritage of brushes and drive innovation, sustainability, and excellence in our field.

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FEIBP 63rd Congress Preview: Guide to Belfast


Aerial view of Belfast in autumn. Credit: istockphoto/Alexey_Fedoren.

By Gwyneth Bowen

Fáilte! Welcome to Belfast host city of the 63rd annual FEIBP Congress. The event will be held September 20-22, with a program that features two days of sessions plus plenty of outstanding opportunities to take in Belfast attractions before, during and after the Congress.

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2023 FEIBP Innovation Award Competition: European Brushware Showcase

Fons Ceelaert and Andrew McIlroy with 2022 Innovation Award winners Brosserie Brenet’s Simon Lorrilliere and Izabela Kolon

Participate in the Prestigious FEIBP Innovation Award Competition and Showcase Your Innovations in the Brushware Industry

The European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) is excited to announce the 14th FEIBP Innovation Award, a remarkable opportunity for individual members to spotlight their groundbreaking contributions to the brushware industry. Since the introduction of the FEIBP Innovation Award many European companies in the brushware industry have shared innovations in their products and production processes.

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2023 Brushware September-October FEIBP Preview

Brushware’s 2023 September-October issue previews the 63rd FEIBP Congress with a complete travel guide for Belfast along with event information and schedule. Going deeper into the edition, Bob Lawrence offers a deep dive Q&A on the wire filaments market with key wire brush manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, Lisa Anderson offers a column on how manufacturers can thrive during this time of high risk in the supply chain. Also on offer is our Economic Dashboard with PMI information, Industry News and the 2023 first-half update on U.S. Import and Export data.

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FEIBP Highlights Exciting Updates for 2023 Congress in Belfast

FEIBP Gears Up for the 63rd Congress: Leadership and Packaging Waste Legislation in Focus

The European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) has announced new updates for the 63rd FEIBP Congress featuring an array of engaging topics for its members. The highly anticipated 63rd FEIBP Congress is scheduled to take place from September 20-22, 2023, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This year’s congress will delve into two critical themes shaping the industry: leadership and packaging waste legislation. The Congress will feature two distinguished keynote speakers who will share their expertise and insights:

  1. Dorcas Crawford: “The isolated leader” – No man is an island.
  2. Emma Trevor, Valpak: EU Packaging regulations.

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