WÖHLER BC 810 Bundle Cutter Update

WÖHLER has announced a new generation update for their BC 810 Bundle Cutter that includes an option for automated bundle length sorting into two containers. The WÖHLER BC 810 is the high-end cutting solution in WÖHLER bundle cutters for synthetic, abrasive and natural filaments. The bundle cutter is fitted with a cutting plate with seven individual cutting bushings from 1.6″ to 3.5″ (40 to 90 mm).

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Borghi S.p.A. Spare Parts Service Announcement

Due to an expansion and improvement to their automatic vertical warehouses to enhance the level of service and efficiency, Borghi S.p.A. has announced a reduced pace for their spare parts service from July 26 through August 23, 2021.

In order to avoid production interruptions and keep machinery running, Borghi S.p.A. recommends companies check inventory levels of machinery spare parts and place orders for any spare parts that would be needed to carry firms into the final week of August 23.

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Boucherie’s Aeola Saves Time and Energy for Brush Manufacturing

Do you still believe two is better than one?

Traditional double head brush machines are complex, big, and often can’t operate to their full potential. Based on our experience with toothbrush manufacturing technology, we stopped to wonder: why not develop a single filling tool solution for household brushes with the same output as a doubleheader?

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ZAHORANSKY Details Advantages of New Apps

Contactless support and direct spare parts orders offer a big advantage as COVID-19 restrictions still affect many parts of the world

ZAHORANSKY launched the ZPARE and ZOLVE apps in 2020 to offer customers the option of placing orders for spare parts directly on the app and, in case of technical questions, to connect its customers to an online ZAHORANSKY expert.

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UNIMAC Unveils New Corporate Branding

Unimac s.r.l. is proud to launch our completely revamped corporate image by streamlining our website for efficiency and sharing our refreshed catalogs to provide you with the information you want to know. The website has a more responsive design to easily navigate through our wide range of product information, as well as an efficient and innovative layout. We welcome you to explore our latest news and upcoming events at www.unimac.it

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MGG: Artisanal SME of Excellence Shifts to 100% Digital Industry Strategy

Specialized in the production of machinery for the production of paintbrushes and rollers, Italian firm MGG is increasing turnover, employees and investment in R&D: short supply chain and augmented reality for technical assistance and customer training.

A small company located just one hour off the city of Venezia, in the beautiful surroundings of the Prosecco hills, Unesco heritage is the worldwide leader in the production of technologies for the paintbrush industry and is moving fast toward complete digitalization. “In this year the process will be completed,” says Loris Maestrutti, CEO of MGG Srl, which is at the forefront of machines and plants for the production of round and flat brushes and rollers used in sectors such as construction, restoration, DIY, woodworking and naval — a niche market with high technological quality.

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Deco Products Invests in Collaborative Robots

Deco Products recently invested further in robots used in our zinc die cast manufacturing process. At Deco Products it is our first collaborative robot. Collaborative robots are used in the industry specifically in areas where people work. Collaborative robots are safe to work around humans because of their special sensors that recognize when it has made contact with a human or an object foreign to itself. Another safety adaptation of collaborative robots is the speed.

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