Discover Boucherie’s Newest Brush Machine Creation: NM

The End of Vertical Double Headers?

Vertical brush machines were introduced 130 years ago. We believe it is time for something new! How about a machine having pretty much the same output as a doubleheader vertical machine, but with only three sets of clamps instead of six or even 12? With only one drill instead of three? Or with even only one filling tool instead of two?

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New Generation Robot N-220-2.7 From Comau

Comau is expanding its product portfolio with the new N-220-2.7 (N-220), a 220 kg payload robot featuring a modular setup, direct kinematics, absolute calibration and enhanced algorithms. These characteristics deliver significant ease of use, straightforward integration and faster post-installation maintenance while ensuring precision, flexibility, repeatability and minimum backlash.

Manufactured via a fully automated production line directly in our Turin, Italy Innovation Center of Advanced Robotics, Comau’s increased generation robot offers new levels of quality and supply chain flexibility in addition to cost-effective operation, as required by today’s high-growth market segments.

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ZAHORANSKY Restructures Sales and Marketing Approach

Robert Dous, Chief Sales Officer ZAHORANSKY Group und Managing Director ZAHORANSKY Automation & Molds

ZAHORANSKY is repositioning itself in sales and marketing and is merging the Oral Care/Broom & Brush Mechanical Engineering and Automation & Molds/Medical Technology sales divisions. The restructuring opens up synergies in development, sales and production and enables the strength of the global sales and production network across all ZAHORANSKY locations. Starting in January, Robert Dous has led the restructure initiative he is now Managing Director of ZAHORANSKY Automation & Molds GmbH and the Chief Sales Officer of the ZAHORANSKY GROUP. He is responsible for the global sales, marketing and service activities of all ZAHORANSKY products and locations. Additionally, he is also managing branches in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan and China.

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Franklin Automation Now Part of Neyret Group

On September 27, 2021, after 31 years of operating as a family business, the Kigyos family decided to sell a majority share of Franklin Automation to the Neyret Group of France. Neyret Group is also a family-owned business and one of the world’s premier suppliers of advanced automation systems. Specifically, Neyret is known as a highly successful supplier of high-speed Intermittent and Continuous Motion assembly and testing systems with two modern machine-building operations in France, a sales office in China and now a third machine building operation in North America. The company works closely with many industries including medical devices and pharmaceuticals; it was due to the significant growth in these particular customer segments that made it imperative they find the right domestic partner to bolster their sales and service offerings in the region.

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