Boucherie Announces New HSU 650 from ILLIG

Boucherie’s partner ILLIG has expanded its product portfolio of modern and sustainable packaging solutions with the new HSU 650 a customizable and modular packaging machine. The machine was designed with a quick and ergonomic change-over in mind, and the user-friendliness was improved with a new HMI. Furthermore, a 30 percent reduction of energy consumption was achieved with a new sealing station that is much more energy-efficient. The output is high, because of the generous forming and sealing area of 650 x 300 mm combined with a speed of 20 cycles per minute.

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Profile: MGG North America’s Alberto Voltolina

Company: MGG North America

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Title: CEO and President of MGG North America Inc.

What year did you start in the industry and how did you get started?

I started in 2021. I got in contact with MGG in May 2021. I previously worked in USA and Mexico with a large plant maker company that supplied equipment in the steel industry worldwide. MGG’s idea was to increase the presence in North America. Officially, I joined MGG in September 2021.

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Discover Boucherie’s Newest Brush Machine Creation: NM

The End of Vertical Double Headers?

Vertical brush machines were introduced 130 years ago. We believe it is time for something new! How about a machine having pretty much the same output as a doubleheader vertical machine, but with only three sets of clamps instead of six or even 12? With only one drill instead of three? Or with even only one filling tool instead of two?

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