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How Exhibitors Can Maximize World Brush Expo Opportunity

In a recent letter to World Brush Expo exhibitors, FEIBP President Alessandro Acquaderni indicated the event has so far attracted more than 135 exhibitors and interest from thousands of visitors. He says that the early commitments are fueling success for the Expo which will be held May 22-24, 2024, in Bologna, Italy.

He thanked the exhibitors, saying, “Your decision to participate actively in WBE 2024 is a testament to your dedication and responsibility towards shaping the future of our sector. While others may observe from the sidelines, you have chosen to lead by example, ensuring your voice and innovations contribute to the evolving “center of gravity” of our industry. This isn’t just participation; it’s about taking a stand for progress, opportunity, and the collective strength of the brushware community.”

In addition, he offered advice on how exhibitors can maximize the opportunity with the following approach:

  1. Press and Publications: Share the news of your participation with industry magazines, websites and directories. A press release or announcement is an opportunity to drive on-going exposure to your company’s brand, while also further boosting the significance of the expo.
  2. Direct Communication: Utilize digital banners in your email signatures and communicate your involvement through emails, your website, and, most importantly, through word of mouth. 
  3. Engage on LinkedIn: Follow the World Brush Expo LinkedIn page and interact with posts related to the show, the participants and the beautiful city of Bologna. Comments, likes and shares bring added exposure. 
  4. Expand the Community: Invite LinkedIn connections to follow the WBE page. Click the three dots next to the ‘Follow’ button and select “Invite connections.” Every new follower builds the overall brushware community. 
  5. Create Buzz with Content: Share sneak peeks of products, services or team preparations for the expo. Use #WorldBrushExpo2024 and tag the official page to boost visibility. 
  6. Host Pre-Event Gatherings: Consider organizing small local events or webinars leading up to WBE to discuss industry trends and the upcoming showcase. This can position your company as thought and also builds anticipation for your exhibit. 
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