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Hillbrush Invests in State-Of-The-Art Brush Manufacturing Machines

Hillbrush’s New Z Lion

Hillbrush, the UK’s largest manufacturer of brushes and specialist cleaning tools has made a £1.3 million investment in three new automated brush-making machines at its production site in Mere, Wiltshire.

This significant investment secures Hillbrush’s manufacturing capability long into the future, with quicker outputs and reduced workloads for operators, as well as offering an even better quality finished product.

Hillbrush has added a custom-built, first of its kind, Boucherie Aeola T from Belgium that will increase output for the majority of the company’s traditional yard brooms. Previously, broom manufacturing was undertaken by a separate manually fed machine. This has now been replaced by this one integrated, automated machine, making the operator’s workload easier and removing the inefficiency of transporting from one machine to another.

In addition, HIllbrush has added the German-produced Zahoransky Z Lion machine which was designed and purchased with productivity and efficiencies in mind. The new kit is being used explicitly for manufacturing hygiene brushes, used in food and beverage production environments, freeing up Hillbrush’s smaller Boucherie machines which are being utilized for shorter product runs. Trimming long-handled brushes has also been made safer, as the machine offers an automated system, so a manually fed hand trimming machine is no longer required.

The equipment trio is completed with another Zahoransky machine, the Z.Tiger. This machine has been purchased solely to manufacture vacuum cleaner brushes and will ensure continuity of supply, freeing up current machinery to manufacture other products as well.

Charlie Coward, managing director of Hillbrush says, “In its centenary year, Hillbrush is committed to investing in the latest technology to not only provide our customers with the best quality products but to ensure that the Hillbrush business is fast and agile (and) ready to meet the challenges of the next generation.”

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