Video: ZMI 4.0 – ZAHORANSKY Machine Intelligence

ZAHORANSKY has unveiled a new video showcasing Version 4.0 of its acclaimed ZMI (ZAHORANSKY Machine Intelligence). ZMI 4.0 introduces a host of new features designed to enhance operational comfort and production quantities. This latest version promises an elevated user experience and improved production capabilities across various machines, including the CUBE, Z.SAILFIN, and Z.LYNX 3.

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ZAHORANSKY’S Z.PARD MT for Fully Automated Brush Production


Four-station twin machine ensures greater output and process reliability in the production of household and hygiene brushes

High output combined with reliability and flexibility – the Z.PARD from ZAHORANSKY has proven itself for many years as a high-performance machine for the economical production of household and hygiene brushes. With the Z.PARD MT, ZAHORANSKY now offers the industry a further development for fully automated brush production. Compared to the manually operated model, the four-station machine includes an in- and outfeed handling as well as the trimming unit in addition to the drilling and tufting unit.

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ZAHORANSKY’S Z.PUMA Offers Maximum Performance and Flexibility

New ZAHORANSKY machine impresses with efficiency and ergonomic design

With the new Z.PUMA, ZAHORANSKY is expanding its portfolio with a machine for brooms and brushes that sets new standards in terms of output and flexibility. The heart of the machine is the tufting tool, which can process diverse filament types with an unfolded length of up to 320 millimeters at up to 1,100 tufts per minute – and is outstandingly quiet. From brooms and toilet brushes to robust wire brushes, all standard household products can be produced highly efficiently thanks to the modular design with easily interchangeable patterns and frames.

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Fully automated production of technical brushes thanks to integrated trimming unit

New standards in terms of output, flexibility and automation in the production of disc or cylindrical brushes – this is what the new Z.SCORP production line from ZAHORANSKY stands for. Thanks to the integrated trimming unit, the compact machine design enables fully automatic production of technical brushes directly after the tufting process.

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Brushware’s Most Read Web Articles for 2022

Faux Kolinsky® by Dynasty® from FM Brush was one of the many watercolor brush lines presented in the Best Watercolor Brushes of 2022 article

In a year full of ups and downs for the brush industry, it was a little surprising to see that the “Best Watercolor Brushes for 2022” post was the most popular on our website, but that just goes to show how important brush products are to consumers worldwide. While the controversy surrounding Interbrush certainly brought more readers to the site, it’s great to see that many positive articles were also highly ranked by our readers. Thank you to all of our loyal readers for your continued support in 2022! We are happy to report that we continue to see remarkable growth in readership for our website, e-newsletter and digital magazine. That is all made possible by the dedication and loyalty from the overall brush industry community. To celebrate the continued momentum, please enjoy our top-performing news articles from for 2022.

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ZAHORANSKY Announces Expanded Management Team for India

Sathyapriya Balakrishnan, Managing Director ZAHORANSKY, and Reinhard Schnurr, Managing Director ZAHORANSKY

ZAHORANSKY introduces expanded management team in India:
Sathyapriya Balakrishnan is the first woman to join the Top Management Circle

ZAHORANSKY’s subsidiary in Coimbatore, India, is being run by a new dual management team. Starting March 1, 2022: Sathyapriya Balakrishnan, who has been at this location since 2017 and was previously Managing Director Reinhard Schnurr’s deputy, will be the first woman to join the ZAHORANSKY Group’s top management. As Managing Director, she will be responsible for ZAHORANSKY Moulds & Machines Pvt. Ltd. in Coimbatore.

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Hillbrush Invests in State-Of-The-Art Brush Manufacturing Machines

Hillbrush’s New Z Lion

Hillbrush, the UK’s largest manufacturer of brushes and specialist cleaning tools has made a £1.3 million investment in three new automated brush-making machines at its production site in Mere, Wiltshire.

This significant investment secures Hillbrush’s manufacturing capability long into the future, with quicker outputs and reduced workloads for operators, as well as offering an even better quality finished product.

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Gordon Brush Letter to Zahoransky

Following the December announcement that Zahoransky would no longer exhibit at Interbrush, Ken Rakusin, president and CEO of Gordon Brush, shared a letter he sent to Ulrich Zahoransky and Robert Dous of Zahoransky on January 19, 2022. At last week’s ABMA Convention, Rakusin granted permission for Brushware to publish the full letter:


Dear Uli and Robert,

I am writing to you regarding your announcement last month about Zahoransky bidding farewell to Interbrush and no longer exhibiting. I refrained from writing to you until this time as I was quite upset and wanted to make sure that I wasn’t letting emotion get the best of me.

I find it quite offensive that Zahoransky has chosen to basically leave the brush industry behind and ignore the significant benefits gained by brush manufacturers and suppliers worldwide at Interbrush. I’ll use my personal experience over my 32 years in the business as an example.

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