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ZAHORANSKY Announces Expanded Management Team for India

Sathyapriya Balakrishnan, Managing Director ZAHORANSKY, and Reinhard Schnurr, Managing Director ZAHORANSKY

ZAHORANSKY introduces expanded management team in India:
Sathyapriya Balakrishnan is the first woman to join the Top Management Circle

ZAHORANSKY’s subsidiary in Coimbatore, India, is being run by a new dual management team. Starting March 1, 2022: Sathyapriya Balakrishnan, who has been at this location since 2017 and was previously Managing Director Reinhard Schnurr’s deputy, will be the first woman to join the ZAHORANSKY Group’s top management. As Managing Director, she will be responsible for ZAHORANSKY Moulds & Machines Pvt. Ltd. in Coimbatore. Balakrishnan and Schnurr will share joint responsibility for the Indian location, which focuses on mold making and machine assembly. Balakrishnan says, “I’m very pleased to be part of the ZAHORANSKY Management Circle and am especially excited about the new challenges and opportunities this position will bring.”

In addition to her enthusiasm for the job,  Balakrishnan brings all the necessary qualifications to her new role. Along with her degrees such as a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Sales and Marketing and International Project Management Association (IPMA), she also has a strong knowledge of the industry. She can also draw on specific industry experience from her previous roles as Deputy Managing Director, Project Manager, ZAHORANSKY Lean Administration (ZLA) Coordinator, and Supply Chain Manager.

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