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FEIBP Launches Redesigned Eurobrush Website

Earlier this week, the FEIBP launched a newly redesigned website that features a clean new look and simple UX.

The site retains many of the deep resources that the previous site included. From their post announcing the refresh, the FEIBP says, “Our website is renewed and we do hope that look, feel and content appeal to you and please be invited to use our company tracker to find one of those excellent companies near you.”

The FEIBP is the representative European federation for the brushware industry, comprising about 350 companies, linked by means of their national associations or as individual members. The federation includes manufacturers and suppliers of an enormous variety of high-quality brushes: technical brushes, brushes for personal care, household brushes, hygiene brushes and of course paintbrushes. The FEIBP represents a long-existing industry, but one that is modern and innovative, with companies that are proud to make products in Europe.

The FEIBP provides a great network for colleagues in the industry. The Working Groups and the Annual Congress provide an outstanding opportunity to meet your fellow entrepeneurs.

The FEIBP board leads the federation and these are the members:

  • Andrew McIlroy, President (Germany)
  • Alessandro Acquaderni, Vice President/chairman Working Group Technical Brushes (Italy)
  • Peter Brunner, Treasurer (Switzerland)
  • Mrs. Cordula Herneth (Austria)
  • Peter Langenegger, Chairman Working Group Personal Care (Switzerland)
  • Pierre Simler (France)
  • Piet van Erp, Chairman Working Group Paintbrushes (The Netherlands)
  • Dominique DeCoopman (Belgium)
  • Karsten Skov (Denmark)
  • Philip Coward, Chairman Working Group Professional Hygiene Brushware (UK)
  • Matthias Peveling (Germany)
  • Fons Ceelaert, General Manager (The Netherlands)

See the new website at

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