Hillbrush Announces CSHA Accreditation

Hillbrush has passed the stringent auditing process and secured admission to the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers’ Association (CHSA) Accreditation Scheme for Manufacturers. Admission to the CHSA highlights Hillbrush’s commitment to maintaining standards and ethical trading as outlined in its rigorous Code of Practice as Charlie Coward, Managing Director at Hillbrush explains:

“We are delighted to have passed the audit and secured membership in the CHSA Accreditation Scheme. Membership signals our commitment to quality, ensuring that our customers can be certain it runs through our products and our business.”

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Visit Hillbrush Wins Taste of the West Award for Its Local Sourcing

Hillbrush, the UK’s largest and longest established manufacturer of brushes and specialist cleaning tools has secured a prestigious Taste of the West Hospitality and Retail Award for Visit Hillbrush, the company’s restaurant and brush museum at Mere, Wiltshire. Visit Hillbrush was awarded Gold — the top accolade — for its commitment to local sourcing and communication to customers about local sourcing, following an incognito visit by Taste of the West judges in May.

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Hillbrush Invests in State-Of-The-Art Brush Manufacturing Machines

Hillbrush’s New Z Lion

Hillbrush, the UK’s largest manufacturer of brushes and specialist cleaning tools has made a £1.3 million investment in three new automated brush-making machines at its production site in Mere, Wiltshire.

This significant investment secures Hillbrush’s manufacturing capability long into the future, with quicker outputs and reduced workloads for operators, as well as offering an even better quality finished product.

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Hillbrush Redesigns Scrubbing Brush For Better Performance

Hillbrush, the UK’s largest manufacturer of brushes and specialist cleaning tools has redesigned several products to make them more effective and aesthetically pleasing while also reducing the use of materials.

The re-designed Hillbrush products, all featured in the company’s new catalog, include an Ergonomic Grippy Scrub which is an update of the existing Hillbrush scrubbing brush. The new-look brush has a much wider gap for the user’s hand and can be used in either direction making it much more versatile. The curved handle also means that pressure can be applied in multiple directions without compromising the grip and, so, giving a far better cleaning result.

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Hillbrush Launches New Catalog With Environmental Focus

Hillbrush 2022 CatalogHillbrush, the UK’s largest manufacturer of brushes and specialist cleaning tools has unveiled several new-look products – many of which have been redesigned to minimize material usage as well as to give a sleek new Hillbrush style – in its new catalog launched this month.

Designed in-house, the new 119-page catalog celebrates Hillbrush’s centenary and features the company’s entire product portfolio as well as new products which have been remodeled to reduce plastic materials and to introduce a more modern ‘Hillbrush-brand’.

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Inside The Factory Brushes Up On Hillbrush

Hillbrush, the UK’s longest established manufacturer of traditional brushes and specialist cleaning tools, has had a “brush” with TV stardom after the company was featured on an episode of BBC TV’s Inside the Factory about vacuum cleaner manufacturer and Hillbrush customer, Numatic.

Inside the Factory, gives presenters Greg Wallace and Cherry Healey exclusive access to some of the largest factories in Britain to reveal the secrets behind production on an epic scale.

In the Numatic episode, Healy visits Hillbrush, where Chairman Philip Coward showed her how the 40,000 brushes a week Hillbrush supplies to Numatic are manufactured. Healey also sees firsthand how brushes are made and the types of material used for different kinds of brushes – from the stiff cocoa fiber used for hard brushes to the softer materials used to brush a horse’s face.

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Hillbrush Invests in Solar for the Future

Hillbrush, the UK’s largest and long-established manufacturer of brushes and specialist cleaning tools has extended its investment in solar power as part of the company’s commitment to making its UK production site far more energy-efficient and significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Based at Mere, Wiltshire, UK, Hillbrush’s production site operates six days a week, with multiple shifts, while the company’s visitor center at Visit Hillbrush is open five days a week, together consuming more than 1,276 MWh of electricity per annum. Hillbrush has recently invested to extend the solar panelling system comprising a total of 510 panels across all buildings including the roof space on Visit Hillbrush. The solar investment will enable Hillbrush to make significant reductions in energy consumption as well as cost savings over time.

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Hillbrush Ready for 100 Year Celebration

Next year marks the 100th birthday of Hillbrush, the UK’s largest and longest established, manufacturer of traditional brushes and specialist cleaning tools and a jam-packed year of celebrations is planned. A new logo has been developed for the company to reflect this significant milestone, with a commemorative book written by chairman Philip Coward reflecting on 100 years of the family business to be launched in January. Mid-summer will see staff celebrations and several fundraising initiatives in aid of the Royal Warrant Holders Associations Charity Fund. A special reception will be held for customers and suppliers in September 2022 at the company headquarters in Mere. Commemorative items, including a specially designed “birthday brush” will be for sale in the Hillbrush visitor center shop throughout the year.

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