Borghi USA Announces New Director of Marketing

Borghi USA, Inc. has announced Miguel Medrano as their new Director of Marketing as of the beginning of this year. In his role, Miguel will oversee marketing communications and sales of machinery for all brands under the Boucherie Borghi Group (Boucherie, Borghi & Unimac). Medrano will work closely with Borghi USA President, Carlos Petzold to learn about the manufacturing technology needs of the Brush Industry to help provide customers with the very best machinery and automation from the Boucherie Borghi Group.

DBRS Morningstar: Coronavirus Impact For Italy

DBRS Morningstar is reporting than 300 cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) identified by Italian authorities over the course of a few days in Northern Italy. At this juncture, Italy appears to have the highest number of cases outside of Asia. This has led the Italian authorities to implement extraordinary measures in several regions of the North to limit the contagion. Schools, sporting events, public gatherings and most public services and offices are suspended for a week and some small cities have been put in quarantine. Private businesses have been affected as well, with a number of institutions encouraging employees to work from home.