Lanoco Specialty Wire Products Announces New Sr. Director Business Operations

Lanoco Specialty Wire Products, Inc. (Lanoco), a leading provider of stainless-steel power brush wire, has appointed Jason Sabatino as Sr. Director of Business Operations to strengthen its front office operations.

An experienced administrator, Sabatino has spent over 25 years under the brightest lights of intercollegiate and professional sports. He has served in various roles developing best practices and creating efficiencies to produce record sales and revenue for his employers.

“Jason’s strong performance in key areas ranging from sales and marketing, finance, human resources, and all areas of business operations will be a welcome addition to our team,” says Kevin Lannon, President of Lanoco.

Home-Housewares Industry Letter from Derek Miller

When Coronavirus first surfaced in late January of 2020, no one could ever have predicted that we’d still be having conversations about the virus more than two years later, but here we are.  Although we’ve been a bit beaten and battered at times, we are still standing together as an industry and supplying desired products to consumers throughout the world – housewares are often necessities and many times luxuries, and as the world worked from home, we were there to meet the consumer need.

Our industry is resilient, and after the past two years, we are no doubt ready to take on the many opportunities that 2022 will offer, and I look to the coming month as a turning point when we will once again be able to come together to discover new products and supply chains, to learn from industry peers and experts and to connect with current and new partners.