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Video: Borghi’s RAFFAELLO Nail Brush Making Machine

Borghi’s RAFFAELLO is an automatic filling machine with one filling tool to produce nail brushes. The plastic blocks are loaded on the machine by bowl feeder into a carrousel system that carries each brush through the processing stages.

First, the nail brushes are filled, then they are trimmed and finally they are sanded for an accurate finishing. RAFFAELLO is usually combined with the IACP laquering machine. Learn more about this machine at

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ISSA’s GBAC Star Accreditation: New Organization Commitments

The Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), a Division of ISSA, today introduced its GBAC STAR™ facility accreditation program on cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention. It is the industry’s only outbreak prevention, response, and recovery accreditation. GBAC STAR establishes requirements to assist facilities with work practices, protocols, procedures, and systems to control risks associated with infectious agents, such as SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. Accreditation criteria and facility applications are now available at
“GBAC STAR is the gold standard of safe facilities, providing third-party validation that ensures facilities implement strict protocols for biorisk situations,” said GBAC Executive Director Patricia Olinger. “Accreditation empowers facility owners and managers to assure workers, customers, and key stakeholders that they have proven systems in place to deliver clean and healthy environments that are safe for business.”
Ideal for facilities like offices, restaurants, hotels, airports, convention centers, stadiums, and other public venues of all sizes, the GBAC STAR program assesses a facility’s preparedness and provides staff with training for biorisk prevention and containment. The program also establishes a framework for communication and awareness best practices.
Accreditation Criteria & Process
The performance-based GBAC STAR program enables facilities to create and maintain an effective cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention program. To achieve GBAC STAR accreditation, facilities must demonstrate compliance with the program’s 20 elements, which range from standard operating procedures and risk assessment strategies to personal protective equipment and emergency preparedness and response measures. Facilities will apply online and provide all documentation and supporting evidence with their application. The GBAC STAR Accreditation Council determines the status of all GBAC STAR facilities.
“In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the GBAC STAR accreditation program is exactly what facilities need to confidently reopen and keep staff, customers, and communities safe,” said ISSA Executive Director John Barrett. “The way the world views cleaning has changed overnight. To effectively recover from this crisis and prepare for the next, it’s essential that businesses take these necessary steps—and we’re thrilled to have a stable of top organizations that have already committed to the program.”
GBAC STAR Commitments 
Several leading organizations have already committed to achieve GBAC STAR accreditation in their facilities. This first wave of leaders planning to pursue facility accreditation includes:
  • Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, home to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins
  • Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
  • VisitDallas, the Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas and Dallas city-owned arts and cultural institutions
  • McCormick Place in Chicago
  • Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority – Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group.
Additionally, these prominent industry organizations are among the first to commit their support for GBAC STAR with their thousands of constituents:
  • International Association of Venue Managers and its 7,000 member facilities globally
  • International Facility Management Association and its 23,000 members worldwide
  • Global Market Development Center, the premier global trade association for the retail industry, and its 400-plus members
  • Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association and its 400 hotels in the state of Illinois
  • Informa Markets and its 500 brands and expositions.
  • International Association of Exhibitions and Events and its 12,000 members in 50 countries
  • Professional Beauty Association and its 100,000 members
  • Media Edge Communications and its portfolio of media products, trade shows and conferences with association partners in Canada
  • Trade Show Executive Media
  • Go LIVE Together, a coalition of leaders from the live events industry that represent more than 4,000 companies with U.S. operations and 112 other countries.
To learn more about becoming a GBAC STAR accredited facility and submit your application, visit
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IHA Webinar Series Set For May 25-June 4

A special program for independent retailers, an update on the next normal for consumer thinking and best practices for returning to work after Covid-19 are topics of upcoming webinars in the ongoing virtual education series developed by the International Housewares Association.

Educational sessions planned for the Innovation Theater and Smart Talks stage at The Inspired Home Show 2020 are being presented as free webinars for the industry over the next few months. Most programs will begin at 12 p.m. CDT.

Here are the webinars set for the weeks of May 25 and June 1:

  • Tuesday, May 26, “The FASTR Formula: A New Strategy for Success and Growth in a Changing Marketplace.” In a session focused specifically for independent retailers, Tom Mirabile, principal and founder of the trend services firm Springboard Futures and consumer trend forecaster for IHA, will explore the core drivers of consumer engagement and retention. He will look beyond the markups and margins, forecasts and fixturing, competitors and calendars and reveal the essential, adoptable behaviors and attitudes that are at the core of today’s most successful retailers and service providers.  Surveying the landscape of successful businesses and brands, Mirabile has found they share certain characteristics and behaviors, creating a roadmap he calls the FASTR Guide to Relevance and Success: F—Flexible, A—Aspirational, S—Simple, T—Trustworthy, R—Reactive. Register for the webinar at
  • Wednesday, May 27, “How A Successful User Experience Can Turn Your Product Into An Integral Kitchen Tool” by Jane Freiman, founder of Smart Kitchen Insights Group. The success rate of first-time use of a product by a consumer will drive brand satisfaction and will set the product up to be an integral tool in the consumer’s kitchen, resulting in driving brand loyalty. Knowing your target consumers and their kitchen realities is the foundation of this success. In this presentation, Freiman will explain how product suppliers can understand their target’s kitchen reality, the key principles of product testing and how to make sure they have product directions that will ensure a successful user experience.

Register for this webinar at

  • Wednesday, June 3, “Best Practices for Returning to Work Legally and Effectively After COVID-19” by Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., attorney, Fisher & Phillips LLP. The Trump Administration and many state governors have started the process for many employers to reopen their businesses. Employers need to be ready to address safety and health as well as employment issues concerning a post-pandemic workplace, including understanding and addressing a number of federal and state requirements to reopen and resume operations. Employers’ business guidance and legal requirements are changing rapidly. This webinar will discuss what changes need to be implemented and how employers must be ready for these in the coming weeks. Register for this webinar at
  • Thursday, June 4, “2020 Vision: A New Focus on the Now & Envisioning the Next Normal—The Realities and Mindsets Mapping the Road to 2030.” In this new session, Tom Mirabile provides an update to his Show keynote address given changes presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. In this recovering and reinventing atmosphere, consumers have never been more diverse, demanding or complex. Influence (and affluence) are shared across four generations with distinctly different desires and expectations. More importantly, the next decade promises dramatic changes in both the shape and composition of the home environment, creating an enduring surge in demand for new solutions and innovations. Mirabile’s original keynote presentation is available on Register for this webinar at

Several Innovation Theater and Smart Talks programs are already posted on the Show’s website at and can be viewed at any time. A schedule of upcoming webinars is available on the Show website homepage at All webinars will be posted on the website after airing.

In addition to the educational sessions, photo galleries for the New Product Showcase, Trending Today Preview, Inventors’ Corner exhibitors and the IHA Global Innovation Awards for Product Design are posted on To learn about new products that were to be at the Show, visit the Show’s online directory, Housewares Connect 365 at, and select “Featured New Products for Media & Buyers.”

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WOMAtec: Wood Products Are On The Rise Again

All of these and many more wooden items can be produced on the WOMAtec copying shaper


Flexible production with the WOMAtec copy shaping machine

Where injection molding prevailed for the brush industry a few years ago, wood is on the rise again as it is now increasingly used as a renewable raw material. This trend is particularly noticeable in the household, cosmetic and oral hygiene sectors.

With the automatic copying shaper “ROTARY,” German machine builder WOMAtec has implemented the CNC-controlled manufacturing process for the first time and the result is optimization for both quality and efficiency. With an output of up to 10 pieces per minute (the multiple for batch processing), milling with a turntable is now also efficient for products that need to be manufactured in high batch sizes, like wooden toothbrushes, which are becoming more and more popular on the market. To meet that increasing demand, WOMAtec currently has four machines for shaping and drilling toothbrush handles in production.


Thanks to solid construction and high-quality production, “ROTARY” is precise enough for delicate items, yet still offers extreme flexibility. A dxf drawing transferred via USB stick can be converted into the contour to be produced in seconds using the WOMAtec CNC control. Different contours, e.g. for different radii, can also be used for both cutters. With a speed of up to 12,000 rotations per minute, the milling cutters leave a perfect surface and, thanks to the rotating plate, never work against the wood fiber, making subsequent sanding unnecessary. And that is a key benefit, as a good smooth feel is particularly important for hair brushes, toothbrushes, knife handles, etc. In addition, all imaginable types of wood and bamboo can be processed and with various adjustment options for feed and milling speed, a flawless milling result is always ensured.



A CE-compliant solid housing ensures safety and protects the operator from dust and noise. The WOMAtec copying shaper is not only a pioneer in terms of safety, it also embodies the company philosophy of sustainability. Solid construction and the utilization of widely available spare parts is the standard approach for all WOMAtec machines. With a high level of vertical integration, the machines are almost 100% manufactured in-house and purchased parts come from well-known manufacturers such as Beckhoff, Festo or SEW. Plus, WOMAtec uses existing copying shapers from companies such as Hempel/Hemco, Boucherie (as well as brush drilling and filling machines) for overhauls and retrofits with new CNC controls, which saves on both resources and costs.

In addition to the “ROTARY” machine, WOMAtec also manufactures the “LINEAR” model, in which two milling cutters, independently controlled, process the wooden part in a continuous process, ideal for the efficient production of brush handles, hand brushes, etc.

Learn more about WOMAtec at

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Monahan Partners Moves Into The Future With Acumatica, ‘The Cloud ERP’

In 2019, it became apparent that Monahan Partners needed to make a substantial investment in upgrades to their ERP system and began an exhaustive search for an alternative solution.  After evaluating a dozen vendors and spending countless hours in product demonstrations and understanding potential vendor culture and visions, Monahan Partners partnered with Acumatica, a cloud-based technology with user friendly interfaces and a customer-centric and continuous improvement culture that made a natural fit for Monahan Partners, Inc. The implementation project began in January of 2020.

“Monahan Partners had a very aggressive timeline,” says Mimi Bertram, VP of Professional Services at Acumatica. Within three months, Monahan Partners went through an on-site discovery process, extensive training that included end users testing the system for an hour a day for several weeks, and a “go live” date that would be challenged by the Coronavirus.  At the time of the planned go launch date in early April, office employees were asked to work from home, but Monahan Partners managed to “go live” without causing any disruption in customer service.  Bertram says, “Monahan Partners aced it.  They worked exceptionally hard to ensure the most stress-free ‘go-live’ in my memory and the first fully remote ‘go live’ we’ve ever done.”

Among the many advantages Monahan Partners now enjoys: Ease of use, automatic inventory replenishment, remote access, data visibility and a customized dashboard.  VP Matt Short, the lead on the project says, “Among other benefits, the system reduces the risk of over/under stocking items, quickly exports data to excel for easy analysis, gives a clear picture of high level KPI and performance trends, and allows us to make quicker and better informed decisions on issues such as manpower and overtime.”

President Kevin Monahan added, “We spend so much time focusing on physical movements in the plant to produce in the most efficient ways, the same rules apply here.  This is just another way to address the question we constantly ask ourselves: ‘Do we have the equipment and tools necessary to do our very best?’”

Monahan Partners celebrates this important advancement by offering a virtual high five to all customers and suppliers.  ‘We’re In This Together’.

Learn more about Monahan Partners at

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Daniel Pecora: 1944-2020

The ABMA has reported the passing of long-time Erie Brush & Manufacturing Corporation president Daniel Pecora on April 26, 2020. Based in Palatine, Ill., Pecora was born on October 23, 1944 in Milwaukee, Wisc. He is the beloved husband of Patricia; father of Laura Moses and Robert (Terri) Pecora; grandfather of Danielle (Dan) Robinson, Ian, Jessica and Michael Moses, Jacob and Ethan Pecora, Fiona and Colin McNamee; great grandfather of Brave Robinson.

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Mop News

Jones New VP of Sales: Matt Buck

Jones Family of Companies has announced the hiring of Matt Buck as Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Buck has more than 15 years of experience in the industrial market sector and is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. He most recently served as Director of Sales for Performance Materials at Thrace LINQ. Prior to that position, he served as the National Accounts Manager for Owens Corning.

“Matt brings strong leadership to Jones and has vast experience in the technical non-wovens space,” says CEO and President CP Davis. “We are excited to have Matt join our team with proven experience and progressive leadership roles. Matt will expand our capabilities to drive growth beyond our core markets.”


Buck has spent the majority of his career focusing on technical sales and sales leadership with the aim of developing new markets for organizations. While at Thrace LINQ, he significantly grew sales in the industrial sectors for automotive, construction and flooring.


“Jones is an excellent organization with a broad scope of manufacturing capability,” says Buck. “Beyond this, they are an innovative business teaming with vitality and health. With focus on technical nonwovens, Jones is moving forward in market expansion and growth. I am honored and excited to be at the forefront of that.”

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Mill-Rose Golf Outing For June Cancelled

The Mill-Rose Company has announced the cancellation of the Annual Golf Outing that had been schedule for June, 25, 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio. It would have been the 60th anniversary of the annual event.

In the announcement, Mill-Rose President Greg Miller says, “All of us at Mill-Rose, and those from other local brush companies who help put together ‘Cleveland Golf Week’ always look forward to the event, and all of the fun we have leading up to it. However, due to the virus and the possible exposure you might encounter, it is safest to cancel. Additionally, we would anticipate complications related to travel, scheduling sales calls, and of course the entertainment and camaraderie we all enjoy throughout the week leading up to the event.”

The announcement says that Mill-Rose plans to bring the event back for 2021. To learn more about Mill-Rose, visit


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