US Manufacturing Pushes Up in September

India and China also register upward PMI figures for the month

The global trend is relentlessly familiar as supply chain issues continue to plague manufacturers while demand remains strong. For September, progress diverged as European countries saw lower PMI readings, while the US, China and India registered improvement. For China and India, the positive readings were welcome as both have endured long downward trends with China’s slide dating back to November 2020.

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ABMA Emerging Leaders Look to Discover Strengths

By Meg Cooper

The ABMA Emerging Leaders group held a “Back to School” Zoom meeting on September 16, 2021, with eight members participating. From the prior meeting in June, the Emerging Leaders (EL) group asked all members to read “Discover Your CliftonStrengths” and then proceed to take the CliftonStrengths™ test to identify which five strengths were the most dominant in our personalities. The strengths test was a way for EL members to get more in tune with their strongest personality traits and assets with the hope of being able to build upon those strengths in order to progress on career goals.

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