Brush Museum Todtnau: Introduction of the Storyteller

The steps and process for the production of brushware was shared between brushmakers, conditioners of bristles and wood workers who mainly lived in the villages close to Todtnau, Germany. The brush handles were produced on turning machines which were moved by waterpower. The purchase of bristles and hair at home and abroad such as France and Switzerland became a separate branch of trade. The travelling salesmen played a major role. In the early stages they only went to Switzerland or the upper Rhine. At different places they built depots to sell brushes directly at annual fairs or from door to door. 

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Double Turret Option Now Available for Z.SHARK

The Z.SHARK high-performance tamping machine is now also available with a double turret for holding two toothbrush bodies.

ZAHORANSKY has announced a double turret as an option for the Z.SHARK family of high-performance tufting machines. The double turret ensures the Z.SHARK can use its full output capacity in an even wider range of applications. Typical applications include the tufting of children’s toothbrushes as well as hybrid toothbrushes and toothbrushes with different hole diameters that are partially tufted by two machines. In these cases, the double turret compensates for the lower bundle requirement per toothbrush so that the Z.SHARK can produce at its maximum speed of 1,000 tufts/minute.

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Coronavirus Concerns Close International Sourcing Expo for The Inspired Home Show

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and after consultation with Chinese pavilion organizers and exhibitors, the International Sourcing Expo will not open at The Inspired Home Show 2020, the International Housewares Association announced today. Derek Miller, IHA president, says the decision was made to protect the health, safety and well-being of the industry from concerns about exposure to the virus.

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57th Annual Mill-Rose Luncheon Features NFL Hall-of-Famer

Brush Manufacturers from Around the World Attend Mill-Rose Luncheon

On Friday, January 24, 2019, brush manufacturers from around the world gathered for the 57th Annual Mill-Rose Brush Manufacturers and Suppliers Luncheon, held at Pickwick and Frolic restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio.  At the luncheon’s opening, Mill-Rose President Greg Miller welcomed representatives from around the world. “Networking plays an important role in our business and there is no better way of communicating with contributors to our industry, whether manufacturers or suppliers, than at this annual meeting,” says Greg Miller. Miller continued with a brief explanation of the history behind the annual luncheon event and the importance of relationships within the brush manufacturing industry.

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Bizzotto Giovanni Automation: Industry 4.0 Leader

From left to right: Giovanni Bizzotto Jr (Marco’s son), Marco Bizzotto, Giovanni Bizzotto Sr (founder), Mauro Bizzotto.

The Bizzotto Giovanni Automation Company was born in 1957 from the entrepreneurial ideas of Mr. Giovanni Bizzotto. The company has established itself by producing high-tech, groundbreaking machinery and is able to automate the assembly and production of any product; some big machine families designed by the Bizzotto Giovanni Automation Co. are custom made for woodworking, packing and for assembly of products for the cleaning industry. The company is always willing to analyze and solve all challenges faced by its customers, believing that the bigger the challenge, the bigger the customers’ satisfaction will be in the end – as will the company personnel’s.

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