ISSA Show Canada Transitions to Virtual

After the postponement of the 2020 trade show, ISSA Show Canada will reconvene virtually this June with a focus on educating and inspiring the industry. Last year’s event was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and provincial restrictions across Ontario which prohibited large gatherings. This year, the in-person show had been slated for June 9-11, but due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic, ISSA Show Canada will be going virtual on June 17, 2021. ISSA Canada sincerely looks forward to reconnecting and welcoming participants to this great event.

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German Manufacturers Lead Global Rebound

Manufacturing across the world continued to surge in March as Germany, the U.S. and the Eurozone all registered PMI numbers above 60 percent. Demand is strong across the world but China slipped 0.3 percent from February to register a 50.6 PMI reading. India also saw a sharp drop off to 55.4 percent after previously pulling back slightly in February from a January reading of 57.7 percent.

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US Manufacturing PMI Jumps 3.9 Percent

The ISM® Report On Business® for U.S. manufacturing in March showed a big gain with a PMI reading of 64.7 percent, an increase of 3.9 percentage points from the February reading of 60.8 percent.  “Manufacturing performed well for the 10th straight month, with demand, consumption and inputs registering strong growth compared to February,” says Timothy R. Fiore, ISM® Manufacturing Business Survey Committee Chair. “Labor-market difficulties at panelists’ companies and their suppliers persist. End-user lead times (for refilling customers’ inventories) are extending due to very high demand and output restrictions as supply chains continue to recover from COVID-19 impacts.”

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FEIBP Delays 62nd Congress to 2022

The European Brushware Federation officially announced the pushback of the 62nd FEIBP Congress to September 21-24, 2022. In the announcement, the FEIBP says, “… the industry might be in a relatively stable situation as it concerns the customer markets, but it is facing unprecedented turmoil on the raw materials markets and transport disruption. The emphasis has changed although the impact of COVID-19 continues our businesses and daily life. No one knows when things are getting back to normal, with lockdown measures tightened in many European countries. Vaccination processes make slow progress and the virus is still not under control.”

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Precision Brush Makes Mark On the World of NFT Collectibles


Precision Brush was the very first industrial brush manufacturer to begin accepting payment in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. Now the company is breaking molds once again and propelling the industry into the future by creating the world’s first industrial brush NFT.  The above artwork “Brush Happiness” is now for sale by auction ending May 26, 2021, at midnight.

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Modern ERP Launchpad for Growth

By Lisa Anderson

If you don’t have a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, your growth prospects will be limited in comparison to your competition. It didn’t use to be as important; however, according to KPMG, for the majority of US CEOs, the pandemic has meant an acceleration of digital transformation by months or even years. Although there are several technologies considered a priority, modernizing and upgrading ERP is a cornerstone launchpad for growth. Clients and colleagues are seeing the critical importance of not only having a central database for performing business transactions but also one that enables a superior customer experience.

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