Filkemp S.A.

Filkemp is a leading supplier of Abrasive Nylon filaments to the industry. With PA6, 6.10, 6.12 and Co-PA resins, Filkemp produces in a diameter range of .01 in to .12 in and in grit sizes of 36- 3500 (depending on grit type). Aggregates incorporated include SiC, AO, Ceramic, and Diamond.

Filkemp began operations in the early 1970’s as a member of the Hoechst Group producing only monofilaments and became a family owned enterprise about 20 years ago. From that point the product line became more diverse and grew to include technical spooled filaments for the highly demanding paper machine, forming fabrics, and filtration markets.

Abrasive filaments from Filkemp find application in metal removal, machining, polishing, and surface treatments. Key markets are Industrial, Floorcare, and Stone Cutting/ Finishing but the company also supplies filaments to other new and growing markets. Being a family owned business, Filkemp has a philosophy of producing filaments only of the highest quality and working in very close cooperation with customers. It is through meeting the needs of the customer and the end user alike that success can be assured for all parties.

From sound technical development, through SPC controlled manufacturing, with an ISO certified Quality System – Filkemp is the supplier for your individual needs and customized features in today’s demanding world of Brushware.