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Tag: Business Strategy

Economic Forecast: Navigating a Tricky Economic Terrain in 2024

By Phillip M. Perry High-interest rates and slower economic growth will put increasing pressure on business profits in 2024. The

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Supply Chain Challenges Are Just an Excuse

By Lisa Anderson The supply chain has become an excuse. Although there has certainly been a slew of supply chain

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Case Study: Strategies to Successfully Navigate Inflation

By Lisa Anderson Inflation continues to plague the world with escalating prices across a spectrum of products and services. The

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ERP and Related Technologies to Automate, Digitize and Thrive

By Lisa Anderson Manufacturers utilize less than 20% of the full functionality of their ERP systems. But the key question

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Supply Chain Collaboration and VMI to Get Ahead of Economic Challenges

By Lisa Anderson With record-breaking price increases and lack of material availability, manufacturers are experiencing increasing threats to profit margins

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How Businesses Can Thrive During Inflation

By Lisa Anderson According to the Wall Street Journal, consumer prices are the highest in 40 years. It certainly doesn’t

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Business Planning Strategy Process to Grow and Scale

By Lisa Anderson According to FactSet Insight, revenue growth is predicted at 7.5 percent for 2022 which is substantial when

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