Fast Track ERP Implementation for Manufacturers from Global Shop Solutions

Global Shop Solutions, a leading provider of ERP software with more than 3,000 successful implementations around the globe, has launched a new Fast Track ERP Implementation to reduce the time it takes manufacturers to Go Live with ERP software and achieve a quicker return on investment.

Developed after analysis of why some companies lose momentum during implementation, the Fast Track ERP Implementation process provides a blueprint based on best practices for helping manufacturers stay on course and Go Live faster.

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Genesee Global Celebrates 20 Years of ERP Loyalty with Global Shop Solutions

Customer loyalty can be hard to find in today’s highly competitive manufacturing industry – unless you happen to be Global Shop Solutions. A leading provider of ERP software to manufacturers around the globe, the company is proud to announce that Genesee Global, a manufacturing services provider based in Rochester, N.Y., recently passed the 20-year mark as a loyal Global Shop Solutions customer.

“As technology began to reshape the manufacturing industry, we recognized the need to jettison our old database business management system and step up to ERP,” says Chris Caschette, CEO of Genesee Global. “We chose Global Shop Solutions for its robust functionality, superb visibility of shop floor data and ability to track performance data in real-time, but we’ve stayed with them for other reasons as well.”

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Global Shop Solutions Releases New Website

Software websites typically focus on the features and capabilities of a company’s products. Global Shop Solutions, a leading developer of ERP software for manufacturers around the world, takes a more user-centric approach with the launch of its new website. Designed to provide a richer, more immersive online experience, the site focuses on the needs of manufacturers wanting to learn how ERP software can simplify their businesses.

“Since day one, we have built our ERP software based on the needs and feedback of manufacturers, and we do the same with our website,” says Marketing Project Manager Hilary Parchman. “We listen to the voice of our customers and prospects and constantly monitor the data our website provides us. All three of these areas signaled it was time to make our online experience simpler, deeper and more direct.”

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Modern ERP Launchpad for Growth

By Lisa Anderson

If you don’t have a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, your growth prospects will be limited in comparison to your competition. It didn’t use to be as important; however, according to KPMG, for the majority of US CEOs, the pandemic has meant an acceleration of digital transformation by months or even years. Although there are several technologies considered a priority, modernizing and upgrading ERP is a cornerstone launchpad for growth. Clients and colleagues are seeing the critical importance of not only having a central database for performing business transactions but also one that enables a superior customer experience.

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Manufacturers Trending to Digital

Lisa AndersonBy Lisa Anderson

According to the Hackett Group, 77 percent of companies have strengthened their commitments to digital transformation because of the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, not only are the commitments strengthening but also the pace of adoption is increasing. A McKinsey survey found the pandemic has significantly accelerated the pace of adoption of digital transformation technologies. Clients and colleagues are seeing the critical importance of using technology for a win-win-win, creating a safe working environment that is efficient, cost-effective, resilient and responsive to customer needs.

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2021 Brushware March-April eMag Now Available

The 2021 March/April eMag issue of Brushware magazine is now available to all readers. In this issue, Bob Lawrence provides a full preview of the 2021 ABMA Virtual Convention with feedback and insights from key industry contacts. This issue also sees the launch of our Global Brush Maker Locator — an in-depth listing of all brush manufacturers by country. We’ve also expanded our approach to the US Import/Exports to get a historical look at the final numbers for 2020. And there’s plenty more including a report on the FEIBP Paintbrush Working Group meeting and a look at ERP as a launchpad.

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