Will AI Revolutionize Manufacturing?

Smart industry robot arms for digital factory production technology showing automation manufacturing process of the Industry 4.0 or 4th industrial revolution and IOT software to control operation. Photo by istockphoto/NanoStockk

By John Davis
CTO, Global Shop Solutions

Few technologies have changed the manufacturing industry as much as ERP software. From automated scheduling to precision inventory management, automated purchasing, real-time job costing and more, ERP simplifies production processes so manufacturers can work faster and more efficiently while delivering a quality product on time every time. The next transformative technology is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and both are already having a significant impact on our industry by changing the way manufacturers collect, process and analyze data.

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Brushware’s Top 15 Article’s For 2023

As we countdown to the new year, Brushware takes a look back with our annual most read articles ranking. This year’s list addresses well-known industry topic as the top article touches on the labor issues that continue to be a challenge for all of manufacturing. Looking further down the rankings, acquisitions were active in 2023 and that activity captured the attention of readers. Additionally, there always seems to be an interest in new products, so it was not surprising to see articles on new product innovations in the top 15 as well. Please enjoy Brushware’s recap of the top industry news articles from 2023:

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2024 Brushware January-February Issue: Schaefer Brush Profile


Brushware’s 2024 January-February issue features an in-depth profile on Wisconsin manufacturer Schaefer Brush along with coverage of the current and future impact of Artificial Intelligence for manufacturing. The edition also offers our annual look back at the top brush industry stories for 2023 along with our Digital 40 Power List highlighting the brands and leaders that stood out in 2023. Rounding out the issue, readers will also enjoy our guide to interior paintbrushes and the updated third-quarter U.S. Import/Export data for 2023.

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2023 Brushware November-December Combo Issue


Brushware’s 2023 November-December Machinery Showcase & Supplier/Manufacturer Spotlight issue weighs in as the biggest issue of the year and includes full coverage of the 63rd FEIBP Congress in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Readers will also enjoy an early look at Phillip M. Perry’s 2024 Economic Forecast. Up front, the issue includes columns from Lisa Anderson on evaluating and choosing an ERP platform along with 10 Must Do’s For Small to Medium Businesses from Global Shop Solutions’ Adam Grabowski. The digital version also includes our full Economic Dashboard with September PMI reports from key brush manufacturing countries.

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10 Must-Do’s For Small To Medium Manufacturers

By Adam Grabowski, Director of Marketing Global Shop Solutions

The world has never seen a more competitive and accessible marketplace. Manufacturing companies must operate as lean as possible to maintain profitability and a healthy bottom line. My nearly seven years at Global Shop Solutions have put the magnificence of the manufacturing industry front and center in my life. Everything around us, at some point in time, was touched by a human hand – it is truly amazing to think about. I feel fortunate that my role provides the unique opportunity to spend time with owners, presidents and key personnel at many of our thousands of customer businesses across the 30+ countries and 25+ industries Global Shop Solutions serves. I spend most of this precious time simply listening to what makes their businesses lean, efficient and successful.

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Global Shop Solutions Hits 15-Year Milestone with Friday Features ERP Training

How many software companies provide free advanced training to their customers dozens of times each year for 15 years straight? Global Shop Solutions, a leading provider of ERP software for manufacturers, does. In fact, they have been doing so for 15 years with Friday Features, a high-level ERP training webinar helping customers simplify their manufacturing by continually improving their ERP skills.

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Global Shop Solutions to Host Two Annual ERP User Conferences

Global Shop Solutions, a leading provider of ERP software for manufacturers around the globe, has set the dates for its annual ERP User Conferences. To allow flexibility and the best training options for all ERP users, the company is hosting two separate events – one onsite and one virtual. The onsite conference will be held at the Global Shop Solutions campus in The Woodlands, Texas, from October 17-19, 2023, while the virtual conference will take place November 14-15, 2023.

“Last year’s conferences were highly attended and very well received by attendees,” says Daniel Carranco, Director of Continuous Improvement for Global Shop Solutions. “This year we’re taking it a step further by focusing each event on specific needs of different segments of our customer base. The onsite conference targets experienced users who want to further their advanced ERP skills. The virtual conference addresses newer users who are still learning basic ERP skills and want to move up to the next level.”

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Global Shop Solutions VP Achieves 25-Year Milestone

It’s rare to find employees who work 25 years at the same company, especially in the volatile software industry. That’s why Global Shop Solutions, a leading provider of ERP software for manufacturers, is proud to announce the 25th anniversary of Mike Melzer, Vice President of Operations & Service.

“At Global Shop Solutions headquarters, Mike is often the first to arrive and the last to leave,” says Dusty Alexander, President and CEO of Global Shop Solutions. “We deeply appreciate his energy, integrity, loyalty, and knack for addressing our customers’ most challenging issues. As I’ve often said during our numerous customer visits together, standing alongside Mike makes me feel 10 feet tall – together, we can tackle anything!

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