Dealing With New OSHA Standards

More Inspections, Greater Citations Ahead

By Phillip M. Perry

This article originally appeared in the 2021 November/December Issue of Brushware magazine.

The Biden administration is issuing new OSHA guidelines and stepping up enforcement in a move to ensure workplace safety. Businesses are retooling operations and sanitation procedures to protect personnel from accidents and COVID-19 infections. OSHA has recently updated its recommendations for the mitigation of such infections in the workplace among unvaccinated or at-risk workers. Employers trying to avoid costly OSHA citations are facing new challenges in the form of heightened enforcement activity and greater liability for workplace COVID-19 infections. To lessen their exposure, businesses are retooling their operating environments to ensure compliance with state and federal standards.

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2021 Brushware November-December eMag Now Available


The 2021 November-December Brushware Machinery Showcase and Supplier/Manufacturer Spotlight issue is now available to all readers in eMag (digital edition) format. This special digital version includes bonus content and 80 total pages of vital brush, broom, mop and paint product content. Along with the Machinery Showcase and Supplier/Manufacturer Spotlight, the issue includes a profile on Borghi’s Paolo Roversi and a feature on new OSHA standards from Phillip M. Perry. And Lisa Anderson’s column covers the current manufacturing resurgence.

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2021 Brushware January-February eMag Now Available

The 2021 January/February eMag (digital edition) of Brushware magazine is now available. In this issue, Philip M. Perry provides his economic forecast for 2021 and highlights the opportunities ahead. Mark Battersby runs through M&A strategy during the pandemic and the third quarter US Import/Export results are published in their entirety.

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2020 Top 10 Most Read Brushware Articles

Image credit: istock/Povareshka

As we wind down the year that was 2020 and look forward to celebrating the holidays, I want to thank all of the Brushware readers, advertisers and supporters and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It was such a challenging and heartbreaking year for so many, we hope that the holidays and the year ahead will be much brighter for everyone.

But as a final look back to 2020, we present for the second year in a row the top-performing stories on for the year.

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Bringing People Back For Work

Set the Stage for Success with a Great Return-to-Work Program

By Phillip M. Perry


Working from home is over. Partly, anyhow. And after weeks of telephone conferencing and video chatting, many workers are doubtless eager to return to their offices. In managing this reverse migration, though, businesses must coordinate a patchwork of safety procedures and work area modifications while communicating effectively with employees.

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Surviving COVID-19: Business Guide

Healthy Workplaces, Reduced Staffs, Informed Customers

By Phillip M. Perry

Businesses face daunting operational challenges as the rapid spread of COVID-19 causes employees to call in sick and customer counts to dwindle. Managers can reduce workplace disruptions with measures such as revisiting sick leave policies and allowing some employees to work from home. Whatever the details of an organization’s response program, though, it must begin with the maintenance of a virus-free environment.

“An employer’s general duty is to maintain the health and safety of the workplace,” says Joseph Deng, an employment law partner at Baker & McKenzie in Los Angeles ( “A business must be free of hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm. In light of the virus, employers should pay close attention to what the national, state and local authorities are advising.”

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