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125 Years For Brosserie Brenet

This summer Brosserie Brenet celebrated 125 years of remarkable resilience. In an age where businesses come and go, the longevity of Brosserie Brenet raises the question: what is the secret to their enduring success?

The first ingredient that has contributed to this remarkable milestone is a profound commitment to family values. These values, passed down through generations, have been treasured as a heritage to be safeguarded. The pioneers of Brosserie Brenet were individuals of duty, who navigated through crises with unwavering determination, steadfast in their belief that everything was possible.

The second component in this success story has been the nurturing of enduring partnerships. At the heart of Brosserie Brenet’s journey toward excellence are its partners. Among them are machine suppliers like BORGHI and ROTH, whose innovations have provided the tools necessary for Brosserie Brenet to flourish. Organizations like the CJD, OpteamRH, and various elected officials have played an integral role in guiding the company toward new horizons and innovative management methods.

The steadfast support from regional authorities, the CAN (Chamber of Agriculture and Nature), as well as consular chambers such as CCI and CMA, has been instrumental in the transition and growth of Brosserie Brenet. The unwavering backing from BPI, coupled with the insights and guidance of accounting firms, auditors, and financial partners, has been indispensable.
The final component in this triumphant journey remains the dedicated and passionate employees. Brosserie Brenet’s success story would not have been conceivable without the unique skills, unwavering passion and daily commitment of its workforce. Their years of accumulated experience have played a pivotal role in propelling the brush factory to this historic milestone.
The hands and minds of Brosserie Brenet’s employees have, for more than a century, crafted tailor-made creations of exquisite quality. This dedication was affirmed in 2011 when the company was bestowed with the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) Living Heritage Companies trophy by the French Ministry
of Crafts.

Brosserie Brenet extends its gratitude to all those who have been a part of their enduring adventure. As they stand at the threshold of the future, they do so with a legacy of resilience, enduring partnerships, and a workforce that is the lifeblood of their storied history. Learn more about Brosserie Brenet at

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