2021 Brushware July-August eMag Now Available


The 2021 July/August Buyers’ Guide edition of Brushware magazine is now available in eMag (digital edition) format for all readers. The most important issue of the year includes the manufacturer and supplier index with profiles on all of the key companies in the brush, broom, mop and paint products industry. In addition, the issue includes the Annual Buyers’ Guide with lists of companies that provide or source products, raw materials, services and machinery for the industry. We also provide a timely article from Phillip Perry on Cybersecurity and measures that all companies should be taking to address increasing threats. Ralph Rosenbaum of Stainless Steel Products is our Brushware Profile for the issue and we also get insights from Zahn Pinsel Gmbh’s Nadja Essler on the state of the paintbrush and paint products sector. Lisa Anderson covers the Post Pandemic Skills Gap in her column and we also feature the 2021 First Quarter US Import and Export data in the issue.


The Pulse: Paint Products (p. 16)

Post Pandemic Skills Gap (p. 14)
By Lisa Anderson

Brushware Profile: Ralph Rosenbaum (p. 18)

Cyber Security (p. 22)
By Phillip M. Perry

Brushware Buyers’ Guide (p. 28)

2021 Q1 US Imports/Exports (p.50)

Economic Dashboard (p. 59)


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