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3D Printing Solves Industry Gap for Parts Manufacturers

PolyBrush™, an additively manufactured vibratory brush mat solution, replaces the discontinued Brushlon™ series products

OPT Industries, a leader in ultra-precise additive manufacturing technology and roll-to-roll production, announces the launch of PolyBrush, a vibratory brush mat product. PolyBrush is developed in partnership with the Industrial Brush Company, Inc., an industrial brush manufacturer that has served the industry since 1946. Pre-orders for the PolyBrush alternative to the discontinued Brushlon 331B and 321B mats are now open and the product is on track to begin shipping to customers in Q4 of 2022.

100% American-made single-piece construction

Supportive and gentle on delicate parts. PolyBrush uses angled polymer bristles to safely move a variety of delicate parts with minimal chance of damage and ensures that parts never reverse direction.

Easy to install and replace. PolyBrush is easily cut with a band saw, box cutter or razor, and secured with standard methods, such as hook and loop tape. Pieces can be cut to size to enable spot replacing, reducing the need to replace entire panels.

“OPT Industries was founded on the idea that with the right design and manufacturing technology, we can make nearly any texture,” says Jifei Ou, CEO and Founder of OPT Industries. “When The Industrial Brush Company, Inc. approached us about creating a brush mat, it was a clear win for both companies. By 3D printing this material in the U.S., we’re able to offer a stable supply chain with much less external risk to the companies that rely on this product for their facilities to function. The Industrial Brush Co has been an excellent partner to us during design and lent their considerable industry expertise to ensure that this product meets the requirements of end users.”

OPT Industries and The Industrial Brush Company, Inc. will continue to expand the PolyBrush line and develop further solutions for the industrial machinery industry by combining each company’s unique expertise.

“At The Industrial Brush Company, we take pride in finding the best way to build a brush solution, which often means looking outside of the norm for manufacturing solutions,” says Scott Enchelmaier, Vice President at The Industrial Brush Company, Inc. “We explored traditional manufacturing methods but were not getting the results we were looking for. OPT’s unique additive manufacturing solution was exactly what we needed. They’ve been an excellent development partner throughout the design and iteration process, and seeing PolyBrush go into production at OPT is really the first step through the door towards an additive manufacturing future for industrial consumables.”

The Industrial Brush Company, Inc. was founded in 1946 with the idea of how to make a better brush and has built its reputation with customer service as much as it has with its expertise in the world of industrial brushes. The company works with customers from initial concept planning, to process validation in our in-house lab, through to design and layout, manufacturing, installation and operating parameters. It is a family-owned company with the average employee tenure being 18 years and manufactures products from start to finish in Fairfield, New Jersey, with the patented Fineset and Tufted winding processes. To learn more about The Industrial Brush Company, visit

OPT Industries is a product design, development and production company that works across industries with leading brands to create soft goods and textured products with extremely fine features and customized properties. Designs are derived from natural structures, such as fur, foam, fabric and feathers, and then enhanced through algorithmic design software to improve performance metrics, including absorbency, impact resistance and insulation. These designs are rapidly manufactured using RAMP™, their flagship digital photolithography technology and the world’s first roll-to-roll 3D printing platform, resulting in unlimited lengths of materials. Originally built at MIT in 2019, OPT has raised over $24M in funding as of August of 2022, and is rapidly expanding its team, capabilities and customer base. To learn more about OPT Industries, visit

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