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Abtex Launches New ARTIFEX USA Website

Abtex LLC. has enhanced and released a new and updated website at that demonstrates the expanded surface-finishing capabilities resulting from its exclusive North American distributorship of Artifex polishing and surface-finishing products. Abtex is the world’s leading manufacturer of brush/machine deburring solutions for the manufacturing industry. Artifex is a German company with a distinguished manufacturing history beginning in 1924. Abtex is Artifex’s exclusive North American distributor and has been a strategic partner for metal products since 2005.

For customers, the Abtex/Artifex partnership means access to a full array of deburring and metal-finishing and polishing applications. Artifex products are used worldwide in a wide range of industries, including medical and dental industries and watch, jewelry, machinery and mold manufacturing.

The company’s elastic-bonded abrasives, peripheral wheels, polishing and abrasive blocks, mounted points and ring cones, and custom products are widely used in the electronic and precision engineering sectors and many other industrial markets. Its tools are ideal for the finishing of heat-treated, carbon, and hardened steel and carbides; aluminum; non-ferrous and precious metals; sintered metals and cast iron; and plastic and wood.

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