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Atlas Graham Furgale Announces Jim Graham As New Leader

Atlas Graham Furgale Ltd. (AGF) has announced a leadership transition with the departure of Ryan Proulx on November 24, 2023. Jim Graham, who was the former President and CEO at AGF from June 2005 until his retirement in December 2015, has taken over as the new President and CEO after the departure of Proulx.

According to the announcement, Graham brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of AGF’s values and heritage. His proven leadership and commitment to excellence position him well to guide AGF into its next phase of growth.

Additionally, the company’s board of directors, the Graham family and the Furgale family say they have utmost confidence in Graham’s ability to lead the company successfully. His strategic vision and passion for the business will ensure the continued success and sustainability of AGF.

During this transition period, the AGF says it remains focused on providing exceptional products and service to its customers. AGF also extends its gratitude to its employees, customers, agents, and vendors for their continued support and commitment.

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