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Bizzotto Giovanni Automation: Industry 4.0 Leader

From left to right: Giovanni Bizzotto Jr (Marco’s son), Marco Bizzotto, Giovanni Bizzotto Sr (founder), Mauro Bizzotto.

The Bizzotto Giovanni Automation Company was born in 1957 from the entrepreneurial ideas of Mr. Giovanni Bizzotto. The company has established itself by producing high-tech, groundbreaking machinery and is able to automate the assembly and production of any product; some big machine families designed by the Bizzotto Giovanni Automation Co. are custom made for woodworking, packing and for assembly of products for the cleaning industry. The company is always willing to analyze and solve all challenges faced by its customers, believing that the bigger the challenge, the bigger the customers’ satisfaction will be in the end – as will the company personnel’s.

The Bizzotto Giovanni Automation Co. is constantly looking for the best and newest technologies on the market. In this respect, the company has made significant changes in the last years, further improving the efficiency of its packing and palletizing systems and of its integrated assembly lines; it has also strengthened and expanded its engineering design department in order to provide a more comprehensive and performing service than before. These improvements encompass every stage of the production process, starting from the very first analysis and prototyping phase to the study of the line according to the needs of the customer and ending with all aftersales services. As new technologies advance, the constant implementations are made in order to achieve consistent performance improvement in all lines.

The Bizzotto Giovanni Automation Company develops its Industry 4.0 machinery to provide all its customers with the best and most advanced automation that modern technology can offer. The Company itself is evolving by implementing increasingly centralized data control systems: this allows providing a customer-oriented service and assistance that is constantly growing and improving.

This year, the Bizzotto Giovanni Automation Company has opted to limit his appearances in the various industry fairs. This is due to the fact that the Company is currently in the process of carrying out a series of investments related to its workforce and structure. The most important ones concern a significant increase in company personnel, with the consequent overhaul of its organization chart, while on the structural side the Company is expanding its engineering offices even further and is preparing to triple its assembly and testing lines by acquiring new production plants.

Relying on its vast technical expertise, the Company is investing even further in youth by developing training programs in partnership with the various local technical institutes. As of this year, the company has also started a partnership with the University of Padua, one of the most active universities on the territory as research is concerned, especially in the fields of IT, mechanical engineering and electronics. These projects stem from the Company’s desire to transmit all knowledge gained in 60 years of history, as well as the great passion that the Bizzotto Giovanni Automation Co. has always been renowned for.

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