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Brushtec’s New High Performance Steel-bristle Sweepertec Brush

Brushtec have launched an exciting new product within their Sweepertec range, the Sweepertec Steel. Made in Britain from ultra-stiff steel wire bristles rather than plastic, the Sweepertec Steel is a powerful fast-change fork attachment for the heavy-duty cleaning of yards and sites.

The Sweepertec Steel uses 55 percent more bristle than the next competitor. Sixteen rows of 3.3 × 0.6 mm patented steel wire bristle provide an extremely dense and strong brush, and the bristles are arranged in a chevron pattern that helps to collect even small debris. The brush also features non-marking HDPE wear edges, enabling the sweeper to brush debris close to walls without damage.

This British-made steel bristle forklift brush is the only one on the market to come as a one-piece, highly durable brush back. With no rows of flimsy bristles bolted together, the Sweepertec can provide excellent performance in whatever scenario and conditions it finds itself in. The Sweepertec steel is also a self-supporting brush, so there’s no need to chock the brush in between uses — simply place it down until next required.

The frame is fabricated from high-grade steel which is then hot-dip-galvanised, providing resistance to corrosion and protecting it from harsh environmental conditions. Hot-dip galvanising also gives steel the ability to self-heal scratches to its surface, and the brush’s highly durable, heavy-duty, welded steel chassis has no moving parts to break, further extending the lifespan of this product.

The applications for this new brush are many, though it has predominately been designed for use in recycling centers and scrap yards where steel bristle can offer a greater performance and lifespan than a plastic bristle could. At 200 cm in width, the Sweepertec 2000 brush is the ideal size for large outdoor site cleaning and proves highly effective at clearing scrap metal, moss, glass, and rubble.

“With the Sweepertec Steel we have produced the best quality, and value, steel-bristle forked vehicle brush possible. With its high performance and ease of use, this brush will allow you to get any sweeping job done swiftly, giving you more time to work through your other tasks,” says Barry Crackett, Product Designer at Brushtec. “Sweepertec Steel brushes are manufactured right here in the U.K., and we work very hard to ensure that they are always in stock and available for purchase. Between the excellent quality of the steel bristle and the high brush density, these brushes should last an extraordinarily long time.”

Brushtec specializes in the production and design of brushes for a wide range of industries spanning agriculture to glass manufacturing. The world-leading company is based in the North East of England and has a family heritage in the industry dating back over 200 years. By manufacturing its brushes to have the highest bristle density of any on the market, the brand produces products that are not only high-performing but also have a very long lifespan, providing exceptional value.

The Sweepertec Steel is best suited to heavy-duty cleaning, while other models in the Sweepertec range are recommended for use in sensitive areas near livestock, at airports, or racetracks. The Sweepertec range is guided by a philosophy of ease of use, versatility in usage, and robustness in construction. This means that any Sweepertec brush is designed to be simple to operate, store, and maintain, while providing an unparalleled sweeping performance across different environments and their debris.

The Sweepertec Steel measures 2000 mm (79″) length x 580 mm (23″) width x 400 mm (16″) height, with a total weight of 200 kg. Built in Britain from British components, it can be purchased on the Sweepertec website for £1,587.00 (excluding VAT). Replacement brushes are also available.

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