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Gordon Brush Acquires Interest in Platescrape Manufacturer

Gordon Brush® has acquired an interest in P.S. Creations, LLC, the manufacturer of the award-winning, American-made, Platescrape and other products for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. The Platescrape, invented by Nate Stein, is a bucket and brush tool for on-and-off-site pre-sanitation of dishes. The Platescrape can effortlessly clean stubborn egg, cheese and dried on sauces, all while saving water, time and money. Restaurants and catering services save thousands of dollars a year in labor, water, and energy costs. Gordon Brush manufactures the brushes that are used in the Platescrape system.

“The Platescrape is a revolutionary product that can save the environment billions of dollars and preserve precious resources,” says Ken Rakusin, president and CEO, Gordon Brush. “As the manufacturer of the brushes for the Platescrape, we are pleased that our investment in P.S. Creations can help to develop and promote environmentally beneficial products to clean and sanitize, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Gordon Brush’s investment in P.S. Creations will provide the company with additional capital so that we can develop additional environmentally beneficial products to clean and sanitize and to market our existing products. Since founding PS Creations I have been committed to manufacturing in the United States, so I thank Ken and Gordon Brush for building a company that shares that commitment,” says Nate Stein, CEO, P.S. Creations.

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