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Staple-set and Anchor-set brush manufacturing machinery in various styles:

  • Traditional, continuous work cycle, vertical machines for drilling and filling
  • Three and Four station turret machines for drilling and filling and/or fully automatic with drilling filling and trimming, flagging, loading and off-loading
  • Specialty and Custom Made drilling and/or filling machines

Trimmers & Flaggers:

  • Linear trimming and flagging machines to work in conjunction with staple-set and anchor-set machines.
  • Continuous motion trimmers and flaggers
  • Specialty trimmers, both automatic as well as manual

Twisted-in-wire brush manufacturing machinery:

  • Cut-end style twisted-in-wire brushes (2 wires twisted together), fully automatic machinery
  • Manual load, “bent-end” or “loop” styles twisted-in-wire brushes, semi-automatic machinery

Injection Molds / Strip Brush manufacturing machinery / Mop Manufacturing machinery

Brief History

Mr. Pietro Borghi founded Borghi of Castelfranco Emilia, Italy in 1948. Manufacturing staple-set brush making machines, Borghi has grown over the past 65 years to be a leader in staple-set, anchor-set, and twisted-in-wire brush manufacturing machinery. With a sales network throughout the world and with technical support subsidiaries in Spain, China, India and the U.S.A., Borghi continues to dominate the markets which they have serviced. Please contact Borghi of Italy or their agent in North America, Bodam International Ltd., for more details about Borghi machinery. For technical support and spare parts in North America, contact Borghi USA, Inc.



Automatic machine with 1 filling tool and 2 drills for the production of all kinds of brooms and brushes. ARCHIMEDE makes versatility its main strength. The high degree of flexibility of filling and the variety of accessory equipment allows for the production of a wide range of items: flat brushes, round head brushes, cylinder brushes, discs, tank brushes, lag brushes and many special brushes of various shapes. WIDE RANGE OF BRIDGES AVAILABLE. ARCHIMEDE can process virtually any kind of brush. All the bridges are available with 2 clamps or 3 clamps. 2-brush-clamping systems are suitable for bigger brushes: the machine runs in discontinuous cycle, but the higher distance between the clamps enables to fit larger items. 3-brush-clamping systems allow the machine to run in continuous cycle.


JUPITER’s range of options and versions makes it the most innovative machine on the market, featuring high-performance, flexibility and unique features. JUPITER has a double clamping system that allows simultaneous drilling and filling of brush blocks at the same time, ensuring the maximum productivity. The 5 axes of motion give the highest degree of tufting flexibility with infinite combinations of filling angles. JUPITER is available with standard mechanical filling head or e-STROKE filling head. The e-STROKE version allows to adjust the stroke of the machine at a variety of speeds, maximizing production speed (RPM) based upon fiber length in the brush.


STAR V2 is the flagship of the vertical tufting technology, both in terms of performance and versatility. The output of brushes is extremely high thanks to the 6 clamping stations and the continuous operation of the machine. The variety of brushes that the machine can produce is wide and diversified, thanks to the 5 axes of movement run by brushless servomotors and the available range of specific tooling and accessories. STAR V2 is equipped with Universal electronic wire feed system, for both staple-wire and anchor-wire. The change from one method to another is extremely simple and rapid.


STAR R32 ensures a versatility level never reached before, offering at the same time high output and a good level of automation. The variety of brushes that the machine can produce is wide and diversified, thanks to the 5 axes of movement run by brushless servomotors and the available range of specific tooling and accessories. The working cycle occurs simultaneously on 3 stations to guarantee high volume production.


SHARP 6 series is a family of trimming machines, ideal for finishing high volumes of brooms and brushes, in particular items with curved profiles. SHARP 6 BASIC and SHARP 6 PLUS are based on a cam system, allowing different trimming profiles for different shapes of the brooms and brushes. SHARP 6 e-PLUS adds higher trimming versatility thanks to the possibility to electronically control the tools. All the tools of the SHARP 6 e-PLUS are moved by stepper motors and can be quickly configured to achieve different trimming profiles.


U TWIST is the ultimate solution for the production of twisted brushes with loop end or closed end. The machine consists of 2 working stations: one station carries out the first twisting while the other one does the fine twisting and finishing of the brush. Working simultaneously on 2 brushes at the same time, the 2 stations ensure a tremendous output of finished brushes.



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