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Monahan Partners Moves Into The Future With Acumatica, ‘The Cloud ERP’

In 2019, it became apparent that Monahan Partners needed to make a substantial investment in upgrades to their ERP system and began an exhaustive search for an alternative solution.  After evaluating a dozen vendors and spending countless hours in product demonstrations and understanding potential vendor culture and visions, Monahan Partners partnered with Acumatica, a cloud-based technology with user friendly interfaces and a customer-centric and continuous improvement culture that made a natural fit for Monahan Partners, Inc. The implementation project began in January of 2020.

“Monahan Partners had a very aggressive timeline,” says Mimi Bertram, VP of Professional Services at Acumatica. Within three months, Monahan Partners went through an on-site discovery process, extensive training that included end users testing the system for an hour a day for several weeks, and a “go live” date that would be challenged by the Coronavirus.  At the time of the planned go live date in early April, office employees were asked to work from home, but Monahan Partners managed to “go live” without causing any disruption in customer service.  Bertram says, “Monahan Partners aced it.  They worked exceptionally hard to ensure the most stress-free ‘go-live’ in my memory and the first fully remote ‘go live’ we’ve ever done.”

Among the many advantages Monahan Partners now enjoys: Ease of use, automatic inventory replenishment, remote access, data visibility and a customized dashboard.  VP Matt Short, the lead on the project says, “Among other benefits, the system reduces the risk of over/under stocking items, quickly exports data to excel for easy analysis, gives a clear picture of high level KPI and performance trends, and allows us to make quicker and better informed decisions on issues such as manpower and overtime.”

President Kevin Monahan added, “We spend so much time focusing on physical movements in the plant to produce in the most efficient ways, the same rules apply here.  This is just another way to address the question we constantly ask ourselves: ‘Do we have the equipment and tools necessary to do our very best?’”

Monahan Partners celebrates this important advancement by offering a virtual high five to all customers and suppliers.  ‘We’re In This Together’.

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