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StaticFaction: New State of the Art Website

The new StaticFaction website is your one-stop shop for static control solutions. The website features Thunderon®, a conductive fiber, with unmatched static control in any electronic environment and over 300 ESD, anti-static and conductive brushes in addition to Thunderon® fiber.

StaticFaction, LLC, was founded in 1994 as the exclusive authorized North American distributor of Thunderon®, a conductive fiber that has an excellent corona discharge effect and is used to eliminate static electricity, anti-static products, including Corona Cord®, Filament/Tow, Tape, and Yarn. StaticFaction also sells finished ESD, anti-static and conductive brushes manufactured by Gordon Brush® and other brush manufacturers.

Invented in 1980, Thunderon® is manufactured by the Nihon Sanmo Dyeing Co. in Kyoto, Japan. Thunderon® is a patented organic fiber of copper sulfide chemically bonded to acrylic and nylon fibers. Thunderon® performs better than conventional carbon, stainless steel, or metal-plated fibers in removing static electricity. Thunderon® provides proven, unmatched static control and corona discharge, superb conductivity, enhanced abrasion resistance and superior bend recovery, and antibacterial and odor-elimination properties. In addition to its conductive properties, Thunderon® has also been shown to have other significant properties such as antibacterial and deodorant effects, far-infrared radiation effects, and electromagnetic wave shielding effects.

Thunderon® is ideal for use in printing, office machines, business machines, photo finishing, paper converting, plastic converting, and textile machinery. It also has bacteriostatic applications in hospitals and cleanroom environments.

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