ABMA Educational Institute Webinar Series

The American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) has announced the development of a quarterly webinar series from the ABMA Educational Institute. This webinar series is designed to provide timely and important industry education to our membership that will be beneficial deep within the organization.

“The series is designed to provide topics that are timely and relevant to today’s broom, brush, mop and roller manufacturers and their suppliers.” says RJ Lindstrom of Zephyr Mfg. who is the chair of the Vision 2020 Task Force. “After the 2020 ABMA Convention a task force was set up to study the needs of the association as defined in the survey results taken during the convention. One of the needs of particular interest was finding a way to increase outreach directly to the membership … to get more individuals involved at the organizational level, and to deliver important content directly to the organizational level.”

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ABMA Innovation Award Nominations: Deadline November 30

The American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) is now accepting nominations for the “ABMA William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award” which recognizes outstanding innovation of manufactured products, components or services in the broom, brush, mop and roller industry. The award is named after William A. Cordes, who served as the ABMA’s first president from 1917-1928. This award serves as a constant reminder that all new and exciting endeavors have beginnings that connect with real people. This award is to be an annual competition whereby any interested parties may submit nominations to the ABMA during any calendar year for consideration. All nominations must be readily available in the marketplace during the year in which they are to be considered. Please see the contest rules for specific details.

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ABMA’s New Brush Glossary Resource Page

The ABMA website has launched a new glossary and brush lingo web page with common industry terms. The web page is a great introductory resource for new employees and anyone who is interested in new or different technologies. R.J. Lindstrom of Zephyr Manufacturing says, “Not everyone coming into the industry is even going to know the various types of brushes that people make/sell. I’ll be honest, it took me a long time before I figured out what a strip brush was.”

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ABMA Reports Passing of Keith Correia

The ABMA has reported the death of Keith Correia — a longstanding sales representative for west coast brush manufacturers.

We are sad to inform everyone that Keith Correia passed away recently.  He was active in the brush industry for many years as a sales rep for brush filaments. He tried to help everyone anyway he could and will be missed. Keith was instrumental in helping start the West Coast Brush Manufacturers Association which has been active for 40 years.

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ABMA FY 2019 Survey of Business Ratios

The ABMA’s annual Survey of Business Ratios in now available for participation. The deadline for completion is August 7, 2020.


Do you find yourself asking questions about how your company performs against your industry peers?  If your company is benchmarked against your competitors, what could you learn?  ABMA’s Survey of Business Ratios (SBR) will yield some answers to these questions and others.  The information from SBR can give you the power to act on those areas of your business that need the most attention.  However, you can obtain this power only if you participate.

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Bringing People Back For Work

Set the Stage for Success with a Great Return-to-Work Program

By Phillip M. Perry


Working from home is over. Partly, anyhow. And after weeks of telephone conferencing and video chatting, many workers are doubtless eager to return to their offices. In managing this reverse migration, though, businesses must coordinate a patchwork of safety procedures and work area modifications while communicating effectively with employees.

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