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2024 World Brush Expo Wrap Up

2024 World Brush Expo Wrap Up

Antonio Bruzzone from BolognaFiere

The brushware industry welcomes the new World Brush Expo as a resounding success

After an eight-year break, the European Brushware Federation (FEIBP), together with the American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) in partnership with BolognaFiere are honored to have kicked off the World Brush Expo 2024 at the BolognaFiere Venue in Bologna, Italy from May 22 to May 24. Visitors from over 76 countries had a chance to dive deep into state-of-the-art technology and products from across the brushware industry, including technical brushes, paintbrushes, paint rollers, hygiene brushes, oral care brushes and the mop industry. More than 3.000 professionals enjoyed networking and exhibitions over three days.

Alessandro Acquaderni (SITBRUSH), President of FEIBP, says, “We are amazed to see our partners and friends come together in Bologna for the new World Brush Expo. Once again, the brushware industry showed the immeasurable power of connections and the vital role our sector plays. While we look forward to hearing the feedback from the participants, we are reassured of the quality of the exhibitions and innovations presented over the last two days.”


Chris Monahan (Brush Fibers), President of ABMA, agreed and says, “I consider the World Brush Expo to be a tremendous success and a testament to the great partnership between ABMA and FEIBP. Seeing how engaged and receptive the visitors and exhibitors were to showcase what is best about our industry, we are eager to start working on the next edition of the event right away.”

“As BolognaFiere we are proud to have been able to host for the first time in our quarter an event dedicated to the world of brushes and we particularly want to emphasize that, in terms of the percentage of international visitors that it has recorded, World Brush Expo 2024 is probably among the top events not only among those held in our quarter but also at the Italian and European level,” says Antonio Bruzzone CEO of Bolognafiere Spa.

The World Brush Expo was one of the most internationally attended expos at BolognaFiere with over 75 percent of visitors from abroad and more than 200 exhibitors presenting their technologies and products, according to the venue.

Day Three Photos

For more information on the World Brush Expo, visit www.worldbrushexpo,com.

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