House of Doolittle Celebrates 25 Years With Global Shop Solutions ERP Software

House of Doolittle Warehouse Interior

When a manufacturing customer stays with the same ERP provider for 25 years, the relationship is undoubtedly working to benefit both organizations. Global Shop Solutions, a leading provider of ERP software for manufacturers, is proud to announce the 25th anniversary of House of Doolittle® as a loyal customer.

Based in Arlington Heights IL, House of Doolittle makes calendars, planners, desk pads and other paper-based productivity products, for office, promotional, collegiate, and personal use. The company implemented Global Shop Solutions ERP software in 1997 and has been using it to grow its business and serve customers more effectively ever since.

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Global Shop Solutions UK Project Manager Celebrates 10 Years

Michelle Brown, UK ERP Project Manager

Workforce stability, consistency, and reliability are the hallmarks of an excellent ERP software provider. Global Shop Solutions, a leading provider of ERP software for manufacturers in nearly 30 industries, is proud to celebrate 10 years of dedicated service from Michelle Brown, Project Manager for the company’s UK office.

Brown launched her career as an ERP specialist working for an aerospace company in the US where she implemented Global Shop Solutions’ ERP software and oversaw its use and development for three years. When she decided to move back to her native country, Global Shop Solutions hired her to launch their new UK operation, which also serves Ireland, Europe and Africa. She soon began overseeing implementations for new customers and quickly advanced to operations consultant and project manager.

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Global Shop Solutions Director Achieves 15-Year Milestone

In the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software industry, long-term employees play a key role in product continuity and customer satisfaction. Global Shop Solutions, a leading producer of ERP software for manufacturing companies around the globe, is proud to celebrate 15 years of dedicated service from Daniel Carranco, Director of Continuous Improvement.

As director of continuous improvement, Carranco oversees existing customer services including consulting, custom projects, and continuous improvements that enable manufacturers to make incremental improvements in their day-to-day operations. He has risen through the ranks at Global Shop Solutions, holding several roles including operations consultant, project manager and Latin American operations consultant and consulting team lead, At every position he has earned the respect and admiration of direct reports, co-workers and customers alike.

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