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Global Shop Solutions Hits 15-Year Milestone with Friday Features ERP Training

How many software companies provide free advanced training to their customers dozens of times each year for 15 years straight? Global Shop Solutions, a leading provider of ERP software for manufacturers, does. In fact, they have been doing so for 15 years with Friday Features, a high-level ERP training webinar helping customers simplify their manufacturing by continually improving their ERP skills.

Friday Features live webinars are open to all Global Shop Solutions customers at no cost. Led by Global Shop Solutions’ most experienced ERP consultants and trainers, the webinars provide in-depth training on one specific topic each week. Each webinar covers a core feature of the software such as job costing, inventory management and scheduling as well as automations, integrations, customizations, and other features that improve shop floor efficiency.

“I can’t tell you how excited I get when a Friday Features season rolls around because it means I’m going to jump out of bed, arm myself with a double Starbucks, and spend an hour fielding comments and answering questions with people this company is proud to have as customers,” says Dusty Alexander, Global Shop Solutions President and CEO. “There’s nothing I like better than spending time interacting with customers every Friday morning. In fact, it’s the best hour of my entire week.”

Friday Features was created by Langley Melendres, Senior Consultant for Global Shop Solutions, as a way to deliver “bite-sized continuous improvement” to the company’s new and long-term software users. She had no idea it would become one of the most popular training programs in the company’s 45+ year history.

“The value of Friday Features is reinforced by the consistent user attendance,” says Melendres. “Each webinar is available for viewing for a week after the live event, and many of our customers use Friday Features to help train their new hires.”

After 15 years, the company has seen ERP skills and confidence grow in manufacturers. The weekly training is one of the easiest ways for manufacturers to stay up to date on the software that drives their business. And the webinars provide significant value to Global Shop Solutions, too.

“I don’t know of any other company that puts their CEO, head trainer, and head customer success manager in a ‘live fire’ situation in front of hundreds of customers every week,” says Alexander. “Every session there’s something new and cool we’re doing at Global Shop Solutions – something core in the system that we believe our customers could capitalize on learning. We always learn something in return, and that feels good.”

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