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Video: Borghi’s GALAXY Brush Making Machine

Watch Borghi’s GALAXY brushmaking machine in action. The GALAXY is a fully automatic tufting machine with two filling tools, two drills and two trimming units for the production of cylinder brushes. 

The GALAXY is designed for high volume production of industrial cylinder brushes with minimum supervision by the operator. GALAXY is a three-station carrousel machine with automatic feeding of the blocks and automatic transfer of the brushes to the trimming unit. The block loading is operated by a robot that loads the blocks from the feeder and places them into the first station of the machine, while the machine is drilling and filling in the other two positions. Every time the drilling/filling operation is completed, the machine indexes bringing the brush automatically to the next station. When the working cycle is completed, the filled cylinder brushes return to the first station where the robot transfers them to the trimming units for finishing. The finished brushes are ejected by conveyor belt.

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