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2023 Brushware September-October FEIBP Preview

Brushware’s 2023 September-October issue previews the 63rd FEIBP Congress with a complete travel guide for Belfast along with event information and schedule. Going deeper into the edition, Bob Lawrence offers a deep dive Q&A on the wire filaments market with key wire brush manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, Lisa Anderson offers a column on how manufacturers can thrive during this time of high risk in the supply chain. Also on offer is our Economic Dashboard with PMI information, Industry News and the 2023 first-half update on U.S. Import and Export data.


18 | 125th Anniversary Series: Dylan Goodwin
20 | Prepared Manufacturers Can Thrive By Lisa Anderson
22 | Belfast: 63rd FEIBP Congress Preview By Gwyneth Bowen
28 | Wire Filaments: High Growth Market By Bob Lawrence
38 | First Half US Imports/Exports
52 | economic DASHBOARD
54 | industry EVENTS
55 | brushware MARKETPLACE


Brushware 2023 SEP-OCT eMag

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