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2023 FEIBP Innovation Award Competition: European Brushware Showcase

Fons Ceelaert and Andrew McIlroy with 2022 Innovation Award winners Brosserie Brenet’s Simon Lorrilliere and Izabela Kolon

Participate in the Prestigious FEIBP Innovation Award Competition and Showcase Your Innovations in the Brushware Industry

The European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) is excited to announce the 14th FEIBP Innovation Award, a remarkable opportunity for individual members to spotlight their groundbreaking contributions to the brushware industry. Since the introduction of the FEIBP Innovation Award many European companies in the brushware industry have shared innovations in their products and production processes. Companies are invited to apply for the competition which will showcase winners at the FEIBP Congress in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in September. Please send your application by September 1, 2023. Click here for conditions and application form.

Competition Details:

  1. Eligibility: The competition is open to all individual members of FEIBP, inviting them to submit their most promising innovation.
  2. Submission Limit: Each participant may submit only one innovation for consideration.
  3. Judging Criteria: The innovations will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
    • Originality
    • Innovative character of the product or product development
    • Practicality of the product or product development
    • Suitability for the consumer market
    • Appropriate price level
    • Market availability of the product
    • Potential profitability
  4. Timeline: The introduced product or product development must have been launched after September 2021.
  5. Industry Association: Submissions must be associated with the brushware industry.
  6. Registration Process: The application process consists of the following steps: a. Fill out the application form completely in English. b. Deadline for applications: September 1, 2022. c. Prepare comprehensive presentations of the innovation, possibly using methods such as DVDs. d. At the Brush Forum during the congress, a dedicated exhibition space of 1m³ will be provided. e. Submit the completed application form to FEIBP at P.O. Box 4076, 5004 JB, Tilburg, The Netherlands, or via email to
  7. Judging and Announcement: a. The FEIBP board will review and assess the applications. b. Nominations will be communicated by the FEIBP board by September 1, 2022. c. Delegates of the congress will vote for their preferred innovations after the presentations at the Brush Forum. d. The winner will be revealed at the General Assembly of the Annual FEIBP Congress. e. The judging decision is final, and no correspondence or appeals will be entertained. f. Confidentiality of all applicant information is assured.
  8. Organizing Body: The FEIBP secretariat will serve as the coordinating body for the FEIBP Innovation Award.
  9. Interpretation and Queries: Any queries or discussions related to the award’s conditions will be addressed by the FEIBP board.
  10. Participation Fee: A participation fee of €100 (Excluding VAT) will be charged for each application.

Participate in the FEIBP Innovation Award to gain recognition for your exceptional contributions to the brushware industry. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to shine a spotlight on your innovative endeavors.

For more information and to download the application form, visit FEIBP Innovation Award.

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