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ABMA Educational Institute 2023 Webinar Series #2: “Be an All-Win, Good Jobs Company”

The ABMA Educational Institute is set to present the second of three webinars from Bruce Merrifield on Thursday, October 26th, 2023, at 1:00 pm Eastern Time (ET). This month’s session is “Be an All-Win, Good Jobs Company,” and will be centered on the “Good Jobs Strategy.” This system-thinking solution was pioneered by FedEx at its outset in 1973 with its “people, service, profits”(PSP) strategy. From its founding in 1983, Costco adopted this same – pay the most; to get the best; to retain and cross-train; and to achieve operational-excellence and flexibility.

Specifically, the upcoming webinar will delve into the four essential factors that must be changed to create a thriving business:

  1. Pay: Explore innovative approaches to compensation that not only attract top talent but also promote long-term retention.
  2. Engagement: Discover strategies to engage your workforce, fostering a culture of dedication and commitment.
  3. Growth: Learn how to fuel sustainable growth by nurturing your employees’ skills and potential.
  4. Profits: Understand how aligning your company with an “All-Win, Good Jobs” approach can ultimately boost profitability.

The first webinar, scheduled for October 26th, will tackle these critical topics and provide insights into a transformative approach known as the “Good Jobs Strategy.” This system-thinking solution, pioneered by industry leaders like FedEx and Costco, focuses on paying competitively to attract, retain, and cross-train the best employees to achieve operational excellence and flexibility.

Following the initial webinar, the series will continue with “How to Migrate to a High-Performance, All-Win, Good Jobs Company,” offering actionable steps for companies to implement these strategies effectively.

Don’t miss the chance to revolutionize your business and create a future of sustained success. Join the ABMA Educational Institute’s “Be an All-Win, Good Jobs Company” webinar series and embark on a journey towards excellence. To learn more visit the ABMA Webinar Registration webpage.

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