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Bhobo Rebrands as Flanders Brush Makers BV

Based in Belgium, Bhobo has announced they have adopted the new name of Flanders Brush Makers BV. According to the press release, the company says the name Flanders Brush Makers better represents the focus and expertise of the company, which has been a leading manufacturer of brushes since 1944. The past year has highlighted the importance of local production and market engagement, and Flanders is committed to continuing to build on strengths in these areas.

The company also notes that while the name may be changing, the commitment to providing high-quality service and products remains the same. The company’s VAT and registration number, as well as bank details, all remain unchanged. The Hochepied-Corteville family and the dedicated team will continue to be committed to serving existing customers and partners.

Flanders Brush Makers is a Belgian manufacturer of brushes dedicated to creating high-quality products, under the company brand and also as a private-label solution. Flanders Brush Makers specializes in various niche areas of the brush industry: fiber brushes, brushes for weed control, feather dusters and more with 70 percent of its products being exported to wholesalers in Western Europe.

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