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Boucherie Partners with Digitech Korea Co., Ltd.

Partnership Will Expand Oral Care, Cosmetic, and Medical Business in South Korea

Boucherie, a leading provider of oral care, cosmetic, and medical products, is pleased to announce its partnership with Digitech Korea Co., Ltd. Based in Anseong, South Korea, Digitech Korea will serve as Boucherie’s agent in the region.

With over 20 years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, Digitech Korea Co., Ltd. is well-positioned to provide new technology and service for existing machinery to this important segment of Boucherie’s customer base. Digitech Korea Co., Ltd. can be reached at 80-21 Gongdan 1ro, Anseong City, Kyunggi-do, Korea, Tel: ++82 31 764 3211.

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