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Borghi S.p.A. Update

In support of the latest directives of the Italian Government, Borghi S.p.A. has ordered the temporary suspension of all production activities in its Italian factories from March 2327. This decision was made in addition to the measures already adopted over the past few weeks to protect health and the safety of its employees against the Corona virus. Since the well-being of the employees is the company’s top priority, Borghi S.p.A. wishes to adhere even closer to the protocol issued by the Italian Government, which provides for the suspension of production activities under the current special circumstances.

Borghi S.p.A. will continue to constantly monitor the evolution of the situation, to react quickly and effectively. Any decisions and actions will only be taken in accordance with the indications of the national and local governmental authorities in charge. It is important to underline, at present, none of our employees have been infected, confirming the effectiveness of the precautions taken.

Thank you to our customers and friends that ask about us, we are appreciative of your support. With this measure, Borghi S.p.A. intends to prepare to resume business with energy and efficiency as soon as conditions will allow.

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