New Risks in Workers’ Compensation


By Phillip M. Perry

Employers find themselves navigating a more complex regulatory environment as they try to reduce their workers’ compensation premiums and claim costs. States are introducing legislation that expands coverage to a greater spectrum of conditions and presumes workplace origination for COVID infections. Businesses are responding by reaching out to workers to preempt problems and bolster safety programs.

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Dealing With New OSHA Standards

More Inspections, Greater Citations Ahead

By Phillip M. Perry

This article originally appeared in the 2021 November/December Issue of Brushware magazine.

The Biden administration is issuing new OSHA guidelines and stepping up enforcement in a move to ensure workplace safety. Businesses are retooling operations and sanitation procedures to protect personnel from accidents and COVID-19 infections. OSHA has recently updated its recommendations for the mitigation of such infections in the workplace among unvaccinated or at-risk workers. Employers trying to avoid costly OSHA citations are facing new challenges in the form of heightened enforcement activity and greater liability for workplace COVID-19 infections. To lessen their exposure, businesses are retooling their operating environments to ensure compliance with state and federal standards.

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ZAHORANSKY Details Advantages of New Apps

Contactless support and direct spare parts orders offer a big advantage as COVID-19 restrictions still affect many parts of the world

ZAHORANSKY launched the ZPARE and ZOLVE apps in 2020 to offer customers the option of placing orders for spare parts directly on the app and, in case of technical questions, to connect its customers to an online ZAHORANSKY expert.

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2020 Top 10 Most Read Brushware Articles

Image credit: istock/Povareshka

As we wind down the year that was 2020 and look forward to celebrating the holidays, I want to thank all of the Brushware readers, advertisers and supporters and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It was such a challenging and heartbreaking year for so many, we hope that the holidays and the year ahead will be much brighter for everyone.

But as a final look back to 2020, we present for the second year in a row the top-performing stories on for the year.

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Trump Questions $900B US Stimulus Package

When the US Congress passed an emergency stimulus package of $900 billion for COVID-19 related relief to US citizens and businesses on Monday, it was widely accepted that US President Donald Trump would sign the bill into law. However, last night Trump put that into question with comments in a video posted to Twitter saying, “The bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated. I’m also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation, and to send me a suitable bill.”

Although the President’s comments make the prospects for the bill unclear, here are some of the highlights from the ABMA’s summary of the legislation:

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Supply Chain: Efficiency or Resiliency

Lisa AndersonBy Lisa Anderson

According to a McKinsey survey about COVID-19’s impact on operations and the future supply chain, supply chain leaders believe it will be transformed. For example, close to 75 percent experienced issues in the production, distribution and supplier footprint that will require changes in the future, and a whopping 93 percent of respondents plan to increase resilience across the supply chain. The pre-coronavirus full focus on efficiency is moving over in favor of resilience.

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Reshoring: All Hype or Action?

Lisa AndersonBy Lisa Anderson

According to a Thomas survey about COVID-19’s impact on US manufacturing and industrial production, 64 percent of manufacturers are likely to bring production back to North America. It has gone beyond talk to action. Clients and colleagues are seeing an increase in inquiries related to reshoring and expanding manufacturing capabilities.

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Connecting to Your Customers During a Pandemic

By Meg Cooper

Marketing during a pandemic is new territory for most of us. Are you having a hard time connecting to your customers? Not sure your messaging is hitting your target market? How do you get new customers? Navigating marketing during a pandemic can feel tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Below I’ve outlined several ways to make sure your company is still getting out a strong, positive message to your customers while staying on brand and reinforcing your mission as a company.

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