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ZAHORANSKY Details Advantages of New Apps

Contactless support and direct spare parts orders offer a big advantage as COVID-19 restrictions still affect many parts of the world

ZAHORANSKY launched the ZPARE and ZOLVE apps in 2020 to offer customers the option of placing orders for spare parts directly on the app and, in case of technical questions, to connect its customers to an online ZAHORANSKY expert. This direct line to the machine and spare parts service team decreases downtime in production and reduces the potential for errors during maintenance and repair work. The ZPARE app enables the secure, fast, and automatic recognition and ordering of spare parts exclusively with the smartphone’s camera function. The photographed product identification number is recognized in the app by means of integrated artificial intelligence. It then appears in a selection list for review, and, after selecting the quantity, can be sent directly to the ZAHORANSKY spare parts service team with just one click. In addition to this – or for troubleshooting and general maintenance work – the new ZOLVE app offers the option of connecting to a ZAHORANSKY service expert online via live video and audio streaming. This means that support is available directly on the machine and the customer can carry out repairs or maintenance processes on their own with expert instructions.

ZPARE Screenshot

Artur Seger, the Head of After Sales at ZAHORANSKY, says, “For manufacturing companies, all periods of non-productivity, regardless of whether they are planned or not, must be kept as short as possible. Our two new apps are digitally providing an enormous boost to this requirement.”

The apps also promote compliance with the COVID-19 contact restrictions currently in force almost all over the world: significantly faster support and the elimination of travel expenses make up for the drawbacks of this currently only virtual, not physical, on-site visit.

The two ZAHORANSKY apps, ZPARE and ZOLVE, are available for Android and iOS systems and function on both smartphones and tablets. ZPARE offers support in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese. The ZOLVE app offers live translation in 20 languages. To ensure comprehensive support, the apps offer high-resolution image quality in connection with the transmission of additional documents and information. Customers receive a final report in a PDF format, which can be archived with images and notes after the maintenance work has been completed. And additional ZAHORANSKY experts can be reached when required.

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