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Deco Products Invests in Collaborative Robots

Deco Products recently invested further in robots used in our zinc die cast manufacturing process. At Deco Products it is our first collaborative robot. Collaborative robots are used in the industry specifically in areas where people work. Collaborative robots are safe to work around humans because of their special sensors that recognize when it has made contact with a human or an object foreign to itself. Another safety adaptation of collaborative robots is the speed. Collaborative robots, unlike the industrial robots used in our plant, are run at a speed that is slow and controlled.

An alternative to collaborative robots, Deco Products has industrial robots that are used in a large role as part of their zinc die cast manufacturing process. Industrial robots are secured in a cage, keeping them out of human way to prevent injuries.

Industrial Robot

An image of an industrial robot working in a cage is pictured on the right. Industrial robots work by recognizing a part, grasping the part, trimming the part, properly discarding the scrap, and placing the manufactured part in the appropriate location. This allows production associates and machine operators to focus on the production of other parts, thus speeding up production.

At Deco Products, the collaborative robot will be used for buffing zinc die-cast parts which hold sharp edges after being trimmed. This will be our first robot used outside of a cage and right alongside our production associates. Deco Product’s collaborative robot will be used exactly as the name implies; a collaboration with our production associates for producing consistent, high-quality parts.

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