Deco Explains Zinc Energy Efficiency

Zinc alloy has a relatively low melting temperature when compared to other metals (approximately 790 degrees Fahrenheit). This along with its high pressure and rapid shot profile, results in less energy consumed when processed.

At Deco Products, less fuel and electricity are needed to process parts in our proprietary zinc die-cast centers. This provides for cost savings and lower environmental impacts. Due to the fluidity in the metal zinc, it does not require additional expensive machining and/or additional operations when manufacturing zinc.

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New Quote Specialist at Deco Products

Deco Products Company has hired Jordan Thompson as a quote specialist. Thompson previously was a marketing and sales intern at Deco before taking the job as the new quote specialist.

Thompson grew up in New Market, Alabama, with his parents and six siblings. He moved to Decorah, Iowa, four years ago when he started college at Luther College. In the spring of 2021, he graduated from Luther with a bachelor’s degree in management.

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Deco Products New HR Recruiter: Eric Smedsrud

Deco Products Company has hired Eric Smedsrud as HR Recruiter. Smedsrud was previously working as the marketing and sales intern at Deco before being promoted to the human resources position.

Smedsrud started his career at Deco in 2018 when he worked in production. He worked at Deco for three months during the summer in-between his freshman and sophomore year at college. He came back in August of 2020 and held the marketing and sales intern position for ten months until he got offered the job of HR Recruiter.

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Deco Products: Multi-Slide Zinc Die-Casting Equipment Acquisition

Recently Deco Products acquired miniature, four-slide zinc die-casting equipment and related process technology. These machines were acquired from Mumford Metal Casting of South Carolina in March 2021, and provides further expansion of Deco Products and solution advantages for customer designs.

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Zinc Die Casting: History of Deco

Deco Products is the largest stand-alone zinc die casting company in the US. Deco was established in 1960 by the Lake Center Switch Company, which was primarily an automotive supplier of dimmer switches and other electronics for automotive. The die casting operations were moved to Decorah, Iowa, which is where they produced die castings, assemblies, and a line of hose clamps.

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Deco Products Invests in Collaborative Robots

Deco Products recently invested further in robots used in our zinc die cast manufacturing process. At Deco Products it is our first collaborative robot. Collaborative robots are used in the industry specifically in areas where people work. Collaborative robots are safe to work around humans because of their special sensors that recognize when it has made contact with a human or an object foreign to itself. Another safety adaptation of collaborative robots is the speed.

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