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Tag: Deco Products

Brushware Inflation Series: Brush Industry Impact Part II

Brush Supplier Perspective: Industry Leaders On The Impact of Inflation and Supply Chain Challenges By Bob Lawrence Part II in

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Deco Products Video Detailing Paint Products Job Opportunity

  Deco Products recently released this video detailing the role of paint line associates for their operations.

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Deco Products: Michael Suarez Hired as New HR Recruiter

Deco Products Company has hired Michael Suarez as the HR Recruiter. Suarez is replacing Eric Smedsrud who recently accepted a

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Deco Products Receives Iowa Innovation Grant

The Iowa Economic Development Commission has awarded Deco Products a Manufacturing 4.0 Workforce Innovation grant of $500,000. Deco is one

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Deco Explains Zinc Energy Efficiency

Zinc alloy has a relatively low melting temperature when compared to other metals (approximately 790 degrees Fahrenheit). This along with

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New Quote Specialist at Deco Products

Deco Products Company has hired Jordan Thompson as a quote specialist. Thompson previously was a marketing and sales intern at

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Deco Products New HR Recruiter: Eric Smedsrud

Deco Products Company has hired Eric Smedsrud as HR Recruiter. Smedsrud was previously working as the marketing and sales intern

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Deco Products: Multi-Slide Zinc Die-Casting Equipment Acquisition

Recently Deco Products acquired miniature, four-slide zinc die-casting equipment and related process technology. These machines were acquired from Mumford Metal

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Zinc Die Casting: History of Deco

Deco Products is the largest stand-alone zinc die casting company in the US. Deco was established in 1960 by the

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Deco Products Invests in Collaborative Robots

Deco Products recently invested further in robots used in our zinc die cast manufacturing process. At Deco Products it is our first

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