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Pat Monahan Celebrates 50th Year on the Job

Pat Monahan Celebrates 50th Year on the Job

Pat Monahan and son Kevin Monahan in 2016.

Pat Monahan has come a long way from storing and shipping broomcorn bales in the hot Texas sun like he did every summer of high school and college from the mid-1950s to the early 1960s. After graduating from Notre Dame with a degree in Chemical Engineering, receiving his master’s in business from the University of Chicago and a stint at Sandia Corp in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and IBM in Chicago, Illinois, he eventually came back to work in the family business. And 50 years ago in June of 1974, he started his run that continues today.

Pat Monahan (right) with brothers Jim and Tim at the 100-year celebration of the Monahan Company in 2022

“When you are the last to join the company, you get all the jobs no one else wants.  Collecting receivables, inventory controls, advertising,” says Monahan.

Eventually, he found himself selling broom and mop supplies. In the 1980’s, a good friend of his father and mentor, Fred Leventhal, steered him into the mop hardware business. In doing so, he developed a source for the hardware overseas that remains today. Monahan attributes the longevity and success of that partnership on a “Lack of greed on both sides and total honesty.”

In 2010, he formed Monahan Partners, Inc., which derived from the Thomas Monahan Company, the company his Grandfather started in 1922. The company now specializes in light assembly of mopsticks of wood, metal, and fiberglass handles or selling the components separate for self-assembly.

For a majority of his years in the industry, he has worked alongside two of his brothers, Tim and Jim. Since 2013, he has worked with his son Kevin who is currently serving as the company’s President.  “I love working with my son and spending time with my brothers.”

At 83 years young, he says, “One of the great things about owning your own company is that you don’t have to retire.”

His current title at the company is “Ambassador,” a role that comes naturally to him.  He owns nine patents in the cleaning industry and the ever-civic-minded man is currently working on bringing a “Broom Palace” to Arcola to commemorate the town’s rich history in brooms and a similar castle that was built downtown in the late 1800s.

Pat (Second from left) with brother Joe, father Tom, brothers Tim and Jim, 1968.
A well-known Arcola photograph of the ‘Biggest Broom Contest’ sponsored by the Monahan Company in 1950. Pat (far right) at age 10.

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